Bringing Back Friday Night Flight

So I know FNF was done away with for reasons that I don’t remember, but does anyone think the Infinite Flight higher-up’s would bring it back? It was really something to forward to each week. The schedule went away and then came back which was nice but FNF was a staple and loved by many. Sorry in advance if I posted this in the wrong topic. I’m pretty sure I’ll get a stern reply and this topic will get closed but I figured it wouldn’t hurt to ask. Also, before you reply, just remember that this is just a game and there’s no need to be rude or snarly with your reply. If you’re going to reprimand me, then don’t bother replying. If you’re a “higher up” in this community, then a simple and polite explanation before you close my topic will suffice. 😁


This is likely why it will not come back too sadly. Basically the reasons which I too forget will stop it coming back.

It was so they could feature more community events iirc, which imo is not worth the trade, they could easily do both and FNF was a amazing experience everybody would look forward to each week


Yep that is the reason, that would do it! I mean they also have flash flights which are nice too. So like kinda is a nice balance as is. Cause FNF events made it difficult to land at airports when you started a flight not being aware it was on.

I really wonder how many people enjoyed Friday Night Flight. I enjoyed flying with other people around — that’s the point of Live, after all — but usually I ended up stuck in an awful departure queue, or getting vectored around crowded airspace until chaos broke loose at ATC shift change, or never even pushing back in the first place. Do people really miss that over more frequent but smaller (and more manageable) events?


Yep, yes we do.

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Other than the timing of it being a Friday event, what did the FNF have that events today don’t have?

This question isn’t meant to be snarky, but I would like to better understand the hype behind the FNFs other than how long it’s been in the community or it being a weekly occurrence.


It was just the timing because it was always something we knew was coming and therefore people would get excited as they knew there would be a event that day

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Right, but what would make that different than any other day on the ATC Schedule? We know all of the airports that will be featured for the month. The difference with FNF is that it was announced the day prior instead of the top of the month

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It was the format. The chaos was what made it special. Cramming traffic into a few airports is exciting and difficult and presented different operational challenges for the controllers and pilots. It was also analogous the culture of Infinite Flight, a fun mobile flying sim that didn’t take itself too seriously. Now some may feel that the promotion of community events has come down to a formula that doesn’t feel very “colorful”. There’s a lot of intersectionality with different things that influenced people’s perception of the event, but that’s just my take.


I see your point and agree that the chaos was fun; however, one thing we are missing is that the peak of the traffic was during lockdown. I feel that made the FNFs fun. Now that everyone is back at work and school, the traffic levels in itself haven’t been nearly as high as it was during COVID.

Even if FNF was still around, I don’t think it would be nearly as chaotic as we all remember it. Days where everyone is at KLAX doesn’t match up to what it was in 2020. Closer to the end of FNF, traffic started dying out too. I remember when the FNF would be busy until late at night or the next day. Towards the end, it would be dead before the evening US time.


Anyways, that’s just my stance. A better response would be from Dan given he is in charge of the events. Maybe he’ll respond when he gets a chance


I absolutely agree. The only thing I can understand is that FNF was an predictable event and it closed the work week for many IFC members. But that’s it, in my opinion.


I only got IF pro quite shortly ago, but I remember watching some of the FNF streams, and I always thought that would be great fun to be a part of, especially since I’m on the UK so the timing is perfect for me! It’s a shame I never got to take part in one, so I guess I would like to see it back, just to experience it :)

It attracts more people as an official event.


Fun, have you seen many of todays events, no hate to the creators but low-quality often USA only events are everywhere on the IFC. They have no enjoyment and to me only appear as a attempt to grind to TL3


I do not miss the overcrowding chaos of FNF.

I do miss the definite knowledge of which airports are open when and for how long.

The ATC schedule tells me which airports are most likely to be open but there is no way to know for sure or how long. That is the frustrating part of the new arrangement as compared to FNF.


Hey there! We appreciate your thoughts and feelings towards the FNF series and we can absolutely understand why this event in particular meant a lot to the community. It was busy, it was fun & there was something to do every Friday. Believe me, my streams started off with the FNF and it has a place in my heart too. I think the reason why the Friday Night Flight is so missed is because of how long it went on for. I mean, seven whole years of the same event is something to get used to, right?

However, as per the blog post, all good things must come to an end. While it would be nice to bring it back, we’ve said our goodbyes and unfortunately we don’t plan on reviving it anytime soon. I’ll reiterate, moving forward we wish to feature community inspired events and continue to provide a steady flow of official events for you to enjoy. Whilst they’re not predictable, the sporadic events will keep you on your toes and still give you something to look forward to every single week.

As @Drummer mentioned above,

A handful of our official events today, mostly fly-ins/fly-outs are 24hr events just like the FNF. They feature a set of airports from the ATC schedule, suggested routes to try out and they’re posted a day or two in advance.

I think what’s becoming very apparent is that you folks love to have something to look forward to… Something that you can plan your personal life around. To be honest, that’s completely understandable. With that said, do you feel it would be better if we were to announce ALL of the fly-ins & outs at the beginning of every month and list them on the ATC schedule similar to the community events? Cast your vote:

  • Yes
  • No

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The desirability of community created events seems pretty clear: flexibility and tailoring to diverse community interests, as identified by the community.

Don’t see an event you really want? - you’re in control, you create it. Pretty cool. That autonomy granted to the community shows a lot of respect, I think.

Though I get the wild weekly party predictability sentiment. Also the one stop shop kind of branding that FNF was. But would community events have grown as much without de-emphasizing FNF? I do like a party, though.

But, don’t like the absence of something? Create it, as a community member, is an option worth considering.

I think the OP certainly should be respected for considering a question that is likely important to some community members.

On the other hand the blog post link referenced was available to read ahead of time with a simple search, to show dedication and respect to the topic. (I read it from a search before it was linked)

But a key point I have is that I find the following frankly patronizing, disrespectful and a bit hypocritical. And I won’t mince my words about that. Treat people as you wish to be treated. I believe it is empowering, and the most constructive way to behave. This is presumably not how you want to be talked to:

True, some people love creating events on quantity over quality so they can claim themselves as experts. Some of them are fun to fly into, but definitely not all. FNF certainly brought some diversity, however, we certainly shouldnt remove the ability to create community events, as it still allows choice.