Bringing back FNF: GA Cali-Coast Run! (KSMO - KHAF) CANCELED

GA Cali-Coast Run!

Welcome to the GA Cali-coast run! I am starting an effort to bring back the once beloved Friday Night Flight. This first flight will start us at KSMO, in the LA region following the coast to Half Moon Bay near San Francisco.

The flight will be held at 2023-02-18T01:00:00Z2023-02-18T03:00:00Z and the flight will be roughly 1 - 2 Hours long, as we will be flying the TBM-900!
Additional Info:

Server: Expert
route: KMCO - KHAF
Aircraft: TBM-900
Cruse: FL280 - 300kts

If i get someone to be ATC, please respect ATC instructions!

Why am i trying to bring back FNF? At the end of every week, me and often hundreds of other people would join unique events hosted by the IF team. However, last year they were cancelled.
They were pretty fun, and it was sad to see them go, and i think that now it is time to bring it back in some capacity, so for every week now, I (may have secondary hosts in the future) will host an event on Friday night!

If you would like to join, just say that you will attend below, and i will keep a list of joining users! Im sorry if anything is a little broken in this event poster, i have not hosted an event in a while and im just getting back into it! So please tell me if i messed anything up.

sounds fun!!!

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Sounds like a cool event, will go!

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event canceled due to bad timing, sorry everyone!

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