Bring landing aids and topography maps back

This feature request is for the landing aid system and the topography map to be added back to Infinite-Flight.

The landing aid was a great feature for VFR flights. It was great for learners or on low visability landings.

The topogriphal map was very useful in finding places based on their physical location on a map. I still can’t figure out where is where even with the airport names because most of them are not named according to their cities.

Edit: there is still DC-10 threads still active are there not? Big reason I left this community. Select closing of topics. I’m not running a muck over here I’m just reminding the community of the past and the new people in the community from before. But whatever like I said selective topic closing.

Please search next time. It has been said that those things were removed for reasons and that they may be reintroduced in future updates. (;

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