Bring back TS2

As has been mentioned in the where is TS2 post I think people want it back. It is used by many people for events and is there for everyone to go and fly in SOCAL without nimrods. It was the quiet sever. I know that’s why it’s been shut down but still it would be nice. I mostly only flew on TS2 and I know that there are a few VA and ATC groups who are dead without TS2. Please FDS think about it.

  • Bring it back
  • Don’t bring it back

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Don’t forget to like it if you want it


People don’t fly on it as much as they can, Ts2 usually gets populated very scarcely during events there. It’s not profitable for Fds to run another server that isn’t even being used to its full extent


I used TS2 for Olympic practice with Team USA, so I’ll vote for this back, just because it was an actually useful Server.

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I agree it was a useful server but it’s just not being used to its capabilities making it kinda of useless. If the price of live goes up for an extra server so be it, because Ts2 was a server that we could all use and it would be useful to us

Cost fds more money if you want peace fly solo

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That’s cute.

You don’t get XP on solo, silly! 😅


True, but what about events where you dont want nimrods.

Dont say advanvced then


Advanced. 😋

I think he did…

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I didn’t say “Expert”

But it costs a lot of money. Money is to save not to waste. I think I would wanted it back, but I thought about money and money is more important.

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Yes, however we pay enough money for Live and all the planes anyway.

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I know but if you dont want to fly in high density airspace why pay for live

I paid to unlock all planes.

Flying with others was a bonus.

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You pay for live. (flying with others). As a paying customer i would like this FDS must respect my opinion as a paying customer


Whatever we have left over save it. Even though there’s only 3 dollars. Think about it. If you bought a 3 dollar game and didn’t like it and deleted it, you might think bring my money back!

3 Options still for event makers:

  1. Play on casual for less activity and everyone can come
  2. Play on expert with ATC but limit who can come
  3. Just play on TS1 and choose a server that no-one goes on like Oshkosh

No need to bring back TS2


I think it should be renames event server


I agree however very few Grade 3+ pilots want to join VA’s in my experience so cant do expert. We need ATC so cant use casual and my VA home base is London so we need to use a busy place.