Bring back the strobe lights and beacon illumination on the ground.

Since global came came out I figured the the strob lights and beacon don t illuminate on the ground anymore i kindly ask the the devs to bring it back .as for now there’s not much lights in IF right now so I think this will fix it a little bit for now

They never have illuminated the ground…

Your post is also a dup.

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Agreed. I do miss this illumination on the ground, but it would take up more space (probably) to do and also most of the time you would be flying right? I am not disagreeing, just questioning it because I have to be cautious about my storage. :)


I think they did pre-global. I remember it. (The red and green lights.)


I’ll have to look through older pictures then.


@Kevin_Potthast I don’t think it’s a duplicate. One is for landing lights, the other for strobes. This is what it used to look like. I think this would be a nice re-addition


Up to the moderators.

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@PJ_DeBusk your duplicate post is in of itself a duplicate. It’s already been said.


Yea you right but one thing is is not a new thing it used to be in the sim so why not add them back again

I don’t see a need for a feature request to bring this back as its already something that we’ve had. It is something that the developers are aware of and something that will hopefully be reworked into a future version for the app.