Bring back the FPV toggle

The 19.4 update removed the ability to toggle the FPV off in HUD view. (The FPV is the circle in the middle of the screen showing the direction your plane is going) I am one of the many pilots here that turn off the FPV for landing.

Here are some reasons to actually turn off the FPV in HUD view:

  • It is more realistic to land without the FPV since most planes don’t have it.
  • Turing off the FPV is the learning bridge between landing with HUD (and FPV) and live cockpit.

Before someone says just turn off the HUD, you can’t perform ILS approaches without HUD (unless you want to CAT 3 I guess)

Side note: It might be a good idea to be able to turn on FPV without the HUD in live cockpit as well, because a mobile sim lacks the sense of direction.

I’m not sure about that statement, I used to be heavily reliant on the HUD and FPV for landing but now with the A359 I’m slowly getting used to flying ILS approaches. Unless you play on a small device, it’s really about getting used to flying purely based on instrumental references.


This is specifically for aircraft without a live cockpit and I guess for practicing.

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Just turn hud off and use the PAPI lights. ILS is for APPR. Anything else is either a visual or GPS:)

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Thanks for reporting this! It’s something that slipped through with the UI redesign, I will make sure it’s added back for the next release.

I will close this feature request so you get your vote back :)


No more FPV! (if you want it that way)