Bring Back The Boeing House Colours

hey everyone I just want the boeing house colors
back on the 747-400 just like in the old infinite flight
since i can’t get the new 747 boeing whatever it is
i just want the plain good old boeing back

Can you put a Bit more info in your post please? And write your title properly?


This would be cool. I might clear a vote.

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We have the Boeing house livery, but the orange “sunrise” variant of it. I like this livery, but I’m out of votes. Would be cool to have back.


(Just sayin’)

Credit: @Will_A


Not sure what the moderators will say but there is already one of these requests, it’s got no votes and was made back in 2016

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what I mean is BECC mean back but in a russain accent

I’m just saying. If OP puts a bit more info on why he wants it, it would be better for users to understand. In no way am I trying to be a mini-mod, and that’s actually a bit rude in all honesty. I bet you would not like it if you were called names.

Not even I can understand this. Which is why I made my post.

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its the one with the orange boeing house colors in the new 747

The Boeing 747-8 requires an Infinite Flight Pro Subscription. That’s why you can’t use it.

because i am using my other device