Bring back the big airline liveries to the Boeing 787

Putting the United and British liverys on the 787-10 robbed a LOT of people of $4.99 on a plane that nobody will use once they put these liverys on their rightful/IRL plane 787-8 & 787-9. I loves this update and the new planes are amazing to fly, but putting the most popular liverys on a plane that isn’t even in use until later in the future for more money, just isn’t right. Hopefully now that everyone spent there money, they will add them on the 787-8/-9.


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Omg yeah I’m really upset that no Royal Brunei was added and now even the best airline livery of them all ETIHAD wasn’t even on the 787-9!


I think it’s no use discussing any of those theories here.

The devs will never add them, if many you blame them like this…

To be honest, I’d rather have them working full time on global flight than a few liveries. They also have a life :) true, they are geniuses but they are still human :D

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Please don’t forget the biggest operator, ANA!


It’s about all those big ones… :)

Nothing is “sure” until it’s confirmed in text or photos. Is it likely? Sure, it is. But there is any confirmation? No.

Devs are full of surprises, it’s hard to predict what they’ll do.


I’m sure they’ll come in time though.

#the meme is all in good fun


To be honest: everyone thought it has to come…


You’re not reading what I typed:

Anyone can think whatever they want, that doesn’t mean it will come. You’re not getting that the devs are full of surprises, both good and bad.

Of course I get that they’re full of surprises :)

But many people hope that they are launching the big airline liveries…

I just wanted to point that out ;)

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THANK YOU FINALLY! Someone else gets my point we are missing tons of liveries like Thai and BA. Great post @mbmhwue148 and spread the word to let the devs know


Or Thai 787-8 @Damian

Me ! I don’t like the -10


So true! that -10 is just for more money
I hope they understand that we are not so dumb to buy that c.ap


So me lol haha

I’m not disappointed with the update not at all but I was expecting more liveries (specially in the 787-8 since is more used and the 787-9). The 787-10 didn’t bothered me just because it’s quite unrealistic (won’t be anymore when it’s in service in a few years).

In the spoilers and the flaperon…I understand that they are hard to code since the mechanisms and movements are different from other aircrafts, I hope they can fix that when they can, as well the landing gear tilt and other few improvements.


I was more surprise that they didn’t have any FDS liveries for any of the 787’s


I see so many people wanting those big liveries…

and me typing “pls make a livery update…”