Bring back the big airline liveries to the Boeing 787

So when the first screenshots were released, everyone thought the liveries of the major airlines, like UAL, AAL, BAW, ANA, ETD and KLM would be set on the 787s where they belong to…

But when they released the update, those important liveries were dropped to the Boeing 787-10. Since this Boeing 787-10 is not even in service essential details, like if the main Gear has three or for wheels aren’t even published.
So if you want to fly a realistic BAW 787on a realistic route you can’t before 2018, or later, when BAW operates it IRL. Futhermore, who knows, if the airline won’t cancel their 787-10 order, then there will never be any option for a realistic flight with their livery in IF. And some of the liveries aren’t even the same as the original (like the missing BA emblem)

So like many others up here really want FDS to add the Major airline liveries to where they belong to. Please FDS… I think even more people would buy your great Dreamliner with their favorite major airline livery, they would be an amazing addition to the great 787 liveries we already have… :)

Who agrees?

I don’t think it’s a feature request, it’s more like letting people give their opinions to this and since it’s about more liveries it wouldn’t even fit in #features


Nice point!although by now they’ve already noticed all those complains…be patient to let them add them in the next update…some requested liveries are missing¿yes! but that doesn’t mean they won’t be added in the next update!they just can’t add all of them at once


The point is: Nearly all major airline liveries have been moved from their original 787 variant to the 787-10…

…And I really hope you’re right…


This could be a business strategy. PM me to find out more info.


Exactly mate!thats the point…so that you buy it!The 787-10 i mean…well if my livery was on the -10 i would buy it…Most people’s liveries are on it…so that it would be bought…anyway i have all variants :p


It doesn’t matter if it is, or not, the point is that they have to come within one of the next updates…!


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The most possible reason is most likely the one i stated above

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Actually i don’t think they can miss in the next update…but this is just me!speculating

I hope so…

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I’m really happy with the most recent update. Most liveries I was excited about came, although there were a few that didn’t. I’m fine with what the devs decide, however, I do agree that it would have been nice had 787-10 liveries also been on -8 or -9 variants.

So I would hope that in another update both the United and British Airways 787-9 are added. I’ll leave that decision up to Jarno and the rest of the livery designers, but I hope they might find time to add them in :)

Edit: I would like to say I wasn’t terribly disappointed about the United -9, since the devs finally decided to add the United 777 post merger livery. That was an exciting moment :)

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I approve this message.


There’s nothing to “bring back”. They were never on the 787-8 in the first place. All this is is a glorified feature request/compaint…

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Yes! N787FT is one of the most important Boeing Colors! So is United, and British Airways!

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“Bring back” since everyone was sure it was gonna come (Just see the huge amount of likes and check the posts before the update)…

And for the 2nd point just check my statement above:



For the 787-9 as well!

Mexican Air Force 787-8!


I cant believe N787FT wasnt added.
I’m not complaining though, btw I love the update


Finally!! We should demand this liveries like other people did for the TAM a319. I know I am.
(What should my chant be🤔)


Small note - whining gets you nothing in life.

Be happy with what you have :)


I don’t believe this is whining