Bring back the airspace violations (and all Live-beginning violations)

Some of long-time IF players will remember the greats first weeks when Live update was out.

Some pilots will get violations for airspace status (GND>4100>8000 etc).

This may encourage some people to fly a lot in IF and be satisfied to be promoted to Grade 2 or 3 for flying bigger airports.


####Do you want some people growing slowly Live experience like at the beginning?
####Do you want leave Grade 1 people flying everywhere and trolling ATC in 5 minutes (buy-create account-fly)

I remember when i came in KLAX for the first time after +80% standing, it was amazing!
Today in IF you can be ATC and trolling Playground without any requirments. Its time to bring back the good old Playground Server!

  • Yes i want this!
  • No thanks.

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100% vote to bring this back!


Great idea to creat this topic as it means unless you have flown a lot then you can’t get it Into the big airports and have to use smaller airfields until you get your standing up which isn’t that easy to do, I remember half moon bay being the o lay place in Sanfrancisco and it was always crazy with no order but as soon as I got the standing to fly to Sanfranciso Aiport it was like the advanced server


exactly, was same when I was ‘learning’ to fly in the London Region. Spent a while practicing my touch and goes and circuits around smaller airfileds and the first time I could fly in and out of LHR was a big moment!

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I fly in advanced server. flies away

Ah yes. I remember when I flew out of a delta or charlie airspace and then flew through a bravo by accident. My first (and pretty much only) violations came from that. Would be an interesting idea to implement back in. What I would be more interested in is having the airspace markers (ex. SFC < 2500 was I think the format) on the top right of the map again. Those were a help…