Bring back Playground

Why not keep TS2 for a real Playground Training Server then keep TS1 Playground for real practice, have to be Grade 2, an “Practice” Server for who want control or flying in Expert later.

I miss old names :(


In that case why not name the casual server the new playground and keep training server as it is. The name “playground” implies that things are not serious there.

Training server sounds better imo.


Playground are a server with ATC
No Casual

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Right, and that’s what I mean. You wouldn’t want people going into the Playground server thinking they could do whatever they want when it’s a server that has ATC.

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Nope, not in a million years. The Training Server sounds more professional. We don’t need to really have the name changed.

Games are supposed to be played for fun, to mess about and find new levels etc. they have words, such as the one IF used such as “Free Flight, Playground, Advanced”

Simulators are far more professional. They need to have posh words to appeal for those who really want to experience their passion in a correct way. Using more formal word choices helps with Infinite Flight appealing more to a real AvGeek Audience rather than a 10 year old gamer one.

This is once again, a no from me. I’m out.