Bring back mini-maps!

One thing I really do miss, is the older versions of Infinite Flight without a subscription but still a little money, you could buy maps like New York, London, and the Caribbean and stuff. I really miss that, because I live south of London, and I could fly literally over my house. And now… I can’t do that because i dont have enough virtual money (as in credits or on cards). So it disapoinnts me. I mean… they’ve done it before, so why can’t they do it again?


It costs money for Infinite Flight LLC to keep the serevers going. That is why the subscription costs so much.


Subscriptions cost a lot of money because servers cost lots of money. Plus THE STAFF HAVE LIVES TOO. It may seem expensive, but just note, that this is what they do for a living. Sure, it may be a tad but on the expensive side, but that’s most likely going to change once more people start playing. So right now, 10 bucks a month is what it’s going to be.


I don’t think so, you’re saying the cost of the subscription doesn’t go all into funding IF to be a better game?


I’m not sure what you’re implying here. Yes, some employees have full time jobs, others don’t.

I’ll reply to the OP while I’m at it as well. I think it’s quite easy to underestimate how much work Infinite Flight LLC has put into their product. They’ve created arguably the best flight simulator on a mobile platform and continue to evolve as time goes on. If you were to create the next big thing, what would you expect in return? Continuing to evolve (especially at the rate Infinite Flight is updated) comes at a cost.

I see a couple problems with controlling ATC without a subscription. ATC is updated just like all other parts of the sim are. Whether it be a minor adjustment or a large one, there is still someone who took the time to plan, test, and execute. Additionally, the training servers are already a mess as is and having incompetent users control for free doesn’t sound like a good idea. While I agree we already have enough who pay and troll the servers, I feel there would be more of a reason for a someone to negatively impact another users experience just because they aren’t paying.

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Simply put, no, it can’t all go into making Infinite flight a better game. The Infinite Flight staff and developers treat developing IF as a job, and that’s probably the reason we even have access to such a high-end mobile sim. The staff need to have a profit to run a normal life like all of us, and that’s why the pricing scheme is how it is.


I don’t exactly understand what you are saying… do you wish for events for non-subscribed users? Well global is a lot of money to keep up for let alone three of then (and a fourth fot testing purposes), so it wouldn’t make any sense for there to be an event you can’t join. Besides, why have XP when only you would be able to see it? Well anyways, I hope I was able to at least get to one of your points. :)

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