Bring back manual door controls!

Hey, community! I’m sure I’m not the only one here with this, but can we please have our manual door controls back?

Ok… I get that the update that removed manual functionality was to simplify the process for ground services, but at the same time why can’t we control the doors manually? How do the ground vehicles affect that?

For example, the MD-11F and B777F had a rear cargo door you could open, but now it’s not functional.
All new/reworked planes had overwing exits (if equipped), and they spent the time to code all that in and now just ripped it away. (these are just examples)


Step 1: Keep ground vehicles as they are currently, but let us open the doors manually. Let the vehicles spawn as they normally would, stairs, belt loaders, k-loaders, etc.
Stairs/jetbridge/catering could approach and dock with plane, belt loaders and K loaders could stay back until doors are open (so they wouldn’t hit the doors)

Step 2… press the old button to open the doors as we always did. Then the cargo loaders could approach.

And can we please get the correct cargo loaders for the planes? A 777F does not use a belt loader at the lower cargo doors! And again, I can’t use the rear door that we used to be able to…

agreed, gets kinda annoying having jetways connect to the 1L door on widebodies which is extremely rare unless theres 2 jetways. seems lackadaisical to me


Yup I agree


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At least it would be way more realistic, if you have stairs at the backdoor also at the gate and also at the stands when the stairs are at the second door, especially at bigger planes.


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I have an interesting proposal for improvement for this one: Instead of simply bringing back the buttons, I’d make them so they display a few options (kind of like when you click on the Flap or Spoiler buttons: they don’t do anything if you simply click on them, instead, you have to hold them to see a few options to select). For passenger doors (L1, L2, etc.), it would display something like: Jetbridge (would be greyed out if unavailable); Stairs; None (None would simply open the door without any GSE, exactly the way it was before GSE); Close (which would remove GSE connected to the door in question and close it). Cargo doors could show something along the lines of: “Big cargo loader” (The one usually placed on the front cargo bay, with a more appropriate name); “Small cargo loader” (The one usually placed on the rear cargo bay, with the appropriate name); None; Close.

Some doors (such as most doors on the right side, most upper deck ones on the A380 and emergency doors) would only show “None; Close” for the lack of appropriate GSE for them.

For aircraft with doors that don’t work: The buttons would still be there, but obviously the doors themselves wouldn’t move (simply so GSE could still be used on them).

For the 767 (before being reworked and if it ends up with multiple door configurations after the rework): each door configuration would have its own set of buttons.


This was pretty cool to have control over! Not sure about the work into being able to do this again, but definitely a nice piece of realism. Just love the characters that fly at 30,000 feet with doors open. 😂/😑