Bring ATIS back

I feel this could bring more realism, I know they took it away but why? I mean METAR is still ALRIGHT to use… But most of the tutorials on the site, they all use atis in some way!! I want to bring ATIS back. I think we could also do ATC ATIS training for it :) So people know what they are doing… I hate making a whole flight plan and the controller sends me to a whold different runway. Feel free to leave a comment if youd like to express your opinion! I’m all ears!


To many people abuse the ATIS system and creating it is to complicated, especially when pilots are giving the atc commands as he/she is creating it. The system will come back when a more efficient system to create and use it is created. stand by

ATIS was a great opportunity for the ATC to express themselves a bit more personal and a great way for the pilot to prepare themselves for the RWY in use, weather and other special conditions.
I don’t understand why they took it away, and hope that it will be brought back soon :)

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The community manager took it away as people were “abusing it”

This really grinds my gears because they didn’t really abuse that type of power, goddamnit.


ATIS is being reworked. It will be back when the work is completed

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What will be reworked? ^^

Okay , I’ll be standing by :)

Me too, sometimes I’ll go into an airport and I have no clue what runways they are using… I get frustrated when I make a flight plan, and the controller sends me to a whole different runway.

lol :) we just got to get people trained to get ATIS

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Probobaly the whole thing

@Captain_DJ. I’m with DJ. What abuse? Only a few experience & expert Controllers employed it on the Advanced. The Colonel should attend to the disorganized and open seat policies of the Plsyground rather then this non-issue! ATIS on the Advance is and was a good thing! Max Sends


I feel its required to have a full/complete flight

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I couldn’t agree more.
the reason for it being blocked for the co troler was (inexistant?) abuse. Sadly a new system will be implemented, but I’m not sure if controlers will be allowed to control it.

I’d be willing to go through ATIS training

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On matts Instagram page, ATIS is being tested! :)

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What does ATIS mean, and what was its purpose?

Google is your friend. Not your enemy. Try using it.