Brilliant Bristol - Spotting 04/06/2021

Spotting @ EGGD 04/06/21, RWY 27

After a 15 mile cycle, some sweating, swearing at cars and some boomer juice, I finally ascended the many hills in which Bristol Airport resides. It’s been nearly 2 years since I made my first spotting topic, how time has flown by.

Anyone that has been spotting at Bristol before will be aware of the stupid fence surrounded by bushes, making it very tricky to capture both arrivals and departures at the same time. I spent the first few hours south of RWY09 before moving to the end of 27 to capture the last few arrivals of the evening. It was also nice to see the TUI B787 parked up here, but the image is ruined by heat haze, so I have omitted it. Let’s begin.

Kicking off the first departure, we have G-UZHH, an A320 Neo departing to Belfast at roughly 4:30PM. Right on time

Coming in second for the afternoon is G-UZHM, an A320 Neo on its way to Glasgow with a nice short take-off roll, bearing the name of Charlie Taylor

Our first arrival of the afternoon, and the only one I could capture without getting fenced. Would you look at that, it’s another easyJet! This time G-EZTD, a CFM equipped A320 from Inverness. Looking closely, I still got fenced. smh stupid fence

With the aviation world being somewhat on standby, the GA presence has increased dramatically at Bristol. This was one of five props to depart in the afternoon. G-OJWS, a privately owned Piper PA28 out for a little flight

De Vliegende Hollander! The first KLM E175 with e n h a n c e d wingtips that I have captured. This one is PH-EXH headed to Amsterdam. Tot ziens!

Here we have a spinny boy, also known as a helicopter. SP-HPA, an Aerospatiale AS350 Ecureuil. I’m not sure where he was going, but he left pretty quickly. I assume he had a 5* wanted level for flying in restricted airspace…

The 737 at Bristol has a really long take-off roll, making a good departure shot tricky. Here we go anyway, she’s a B737-8 of RyanAir, off to Dublin. Nice short flight, departing 10 minutes late.

It was at this point, he knew, he had to change location. End of RWY27 now to catch this Blue Islands ATR 72-500 after a flight from Jersey. What a sound, and what a sight!

Now this was a welcome surprise, it hadn’t shown up on the arrivals board. A private Embraer Legacy 500, G-TULI, which had flown from Akureyi. Certainly hadn’t anticipated this one!

The final arrival before heading home. A gorgeous A320 Neo, G-UZHM, arriving from Glasgow. The second aircraft spotted this afternoon. A nice round circle


Gear Used

Canon EOS 550D
Canon 55-250mm IS STM 1:4-5.6
Can of boomer juice

My images aren’t copyrighted or anything. You can use them, but please contact me and ask, whilst also providing credit where used. Thanks

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This is the first time I’ve been able to put my new camera and lens through its paces, and I am still very much a novice in the spotting world, so any feedback is appreciated. I want to give a shout out to @AndrewWu and his Spotting Guide which has been a monumental help in both capturing and editing the photos. Hope ye enjoy.


Great shots! Glad my topics were of use to you.

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@Guxk your legitimate competitor is here ;)

Cool shots @Kirito_77, the KLM is my favourite :)

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@Robertine there is birb



I is hapi


Love it!!! Also can you send me the location because I would like to spot in there too

The areas marked in red are the best to spot from. On the north side, you can get right up to the fence and get some fantastic shots of the aircraft taxiing.

On the east side, you cannot park as it’s emergency access however there is a small grassy area you can stand on which gets you shots like the last 3 on the topic.

The south side is the regular spotting location, but again there’s a fence there, and you can’t get close to the fence either so you’re limited to airborne shots unless you have a ladder to stand on

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Somehow cute lol 🐦

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Woah the burrito posted a spotting topic 😱

Nice pics, love the jar EZY A320!

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Great Shots !

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