Brighter strobe lights and beacon for the planes

So I couldn’t find anything related to “brighter beacon and strobe lights” so I made this a feature it would be cool for FDS to add brighter strobe lights and beacon lights For the planes because usually you can’t see em or they are barely lit up during the day and especially during the night wouldn’t it be cool to see the lights bright and illuminating the ground and everything ? I wanted FDS to implement this feature because during the night time time there’s usually nothing to look at because the scenery doesn’t really look that good at night and or you could be in the middle of the ocean and or it could just be dark you can’t see anything so yea please add this :) would be cool while the wing view at night you could see the beacon lights flashing and illuminating on the wing like how it is in real life
As shown in the video from 1:52 to 3:00 the 777s brightly strobe lights illuminated on the ground and is more bright

There are a few feature requests already out there for aircraft lights rework. Have a good search for ‘aircraft lights’.


I would like to vote this but I should say more reality on every lights. As a frequently ATC player, when I select the night time I cannot see the aircraft strobe and beacon, I cannot see the landing light when they’re gonna takeoff or landing. Furthermore, I even cannot see the runway light 😂


I agree. We need to take some actions to make the game more realistic. Of course developers will think about balance between performance issues and technical abilities.

This is hard to say but we need to find a way to handle these balances and we need to play this game more realistic.

People love brighter strobes and beacons in real life. And I hope this request is not hard for device performances.


Accually when i can see 2miles in light fog i cant see if there is a plane next to the runway or not because the light would be as bright as all other lights. Also when there is a plane on the runway i sometimes cant see it at night time


Wanna ping a mod or something lol wanna ask if it’s easy to make the lights brighter but don’t wanna get in trouble or don’t want everyone telling me to not ping 😂😂😂

I agree on this

I could use some votes on this for the next update please guys!!

If I’m not mistaken the strobe lights used to actually reflect off the grounds seen at 1:19 in this video 👇👇.


That is very true. I believe it was before global (before global I had no idea IF existed :( ), the strobe lights especially on the 787 would reflect off the ground.

But do t worry infinite flight will surprise all


i don’t think we’re going to get this back TT there’s more demand for taxiway lights.

one of the reasons why i like night flights in RFS is because the strobe and beacon lights as well as landing lights are really bright its like party LOL


Is there a way to make the water look more realistic while you are flying? Just like the YouTube video above shows, can I add that while I’m in online flying mode? It looked really cool in the video!

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