Brighter Nights!

Everyone well knows that there have been loads of threads wanting taxiway lights or some “other” lighting on airports. But it seems IF to my knowledge haven’t been planning on doing this.

An easier way of improving it for the time being is to brighten the nights, only a little but enough to see taxiways properly!

  • Yes! This idea would be fantastic.
  • No, this idea sucks

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Taxiway and taxi line lights will eventually be implemented in the future. That’s why us, airport editors, are adding them now so we don’t need to add them when they come out. :)


They should make the Landing light of actual use = providing light. This would help alot, While they are at it they could also implement logo lights and taxilights (for the aircraft)


I did completely forget about that, I think logo lights would make it awesome!

With the landing lights I think they could have two settings High and Low
Or Taxi Lights and Landing


Yeahhh !!! its a little hard work but will be more realism and more customer will be wins IF. I emploeyd by finish updates uploaded new videos to app store or youtube, because all of new player will be interessted.

The night has a perfect light output. It would be better to functionalize the landing lights for proper night time visibility.

One suggestion, you could increase the brightness of the device that you are using, but that actually might not be enough…

Well…there are 43 voters and more or less everyone said yes but I am against :)

Night should look like night time. The lights should help us. You would maybe find it crazy but when I align myself on the runway during nightime, I reduce the brightness of my screen and just see my instruments and the beautiful runway lights, looks very realistic.

Good idea till the runway/taxiway lights come! :)


I am just sharing with you two photos. During the week-end, one of my friends flew between Los Angeles and Paris. He is a big Boeing fan (and a Boeing Expert!). He flies on the PMDG 777 and here is how the airport (the several lights on the plane: taxi…etc. are OFF) and sunrise look like:



As you can see Infinite Flight is doing a very good job. The nightime is very good. What we need to improve now is the airport and the plane lightings itself.

Your idea is good, but it is a Plan B (until more detailed and realistic features come).


Was I the only one to sing a song from Grease when I saw the title?


Yes. @IceBlue. But I think the devs should just have one update where it adds all the lighting stuff…a mega light update.


Lighting overhaul. Taxi lights, Proper landing lights, and my brain to brighten up the game :-P

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Roger Capn`

So then. Tell me more about this :-P

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The moon and stars will be nice 😃🌕🌖🌗🌘🌑🌒🌓🌔🌕⭐️


Bright nights! Think this is just a knock off of the Runway improvement topic!
The Phil & the FDS Runway guys aready said there working on the lighting issue! All you have to do is use the magnifying glass provided in the upper right corner to search the archives. I know peanuts I’m rude but I had to use a slightly mocking tone as I pour another bourbon into my all ways handy jelly glass, while eating smoked oysters with my fingers and sucking on an unlit cigar butt as I gaze into this garbage dump some call “Features”! Carpe cibum!
Have a nice day! Max Sends

What? lol.

That didn’t get very far :-P :-P :-P :-P :-P :-P :-P :-P :-P :-P

Don’t forget the logo light. I wanna see the tails of the others

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Was this FSX?