Brighter Landing Lights

Hi, I know I have been a bit inactive over the weeks, but I have a feature request.

I was flying at KLAX and set the time to night, as I was exiting the runway, I could barely see the taxiways (I had the landing lights on), and to me, the landing lights don’t actually have any effect to the area in front. Could we have brighter landing lights?

if you support the idea, vote for it!

That hasn’t got anything with the brightness. The lights don’t affect the area in front. Why?
Big surprise - processing power.

In order to do that, you would have to make use of something called volumetric lighting. You would have to render out each frame with what area is illuminated in what degree and percentage, the falloff etc. not to mention that the pitch of the aircraft would have an effect.

It isn’t just to “make them brighter”. Perhaps in the future when mobile devices are more powerful. :)


Ohhh, I see, so let’s just, get a mod to close this topic?

This is a stupid thread

I think this should be done a few years ago, to make it realistic. And also a lot of lights are missing in this simulator, like lights that are before runway, I don’t know how are they called, and also illuminated taxiways are missing. This things should be there from the beginning. While runways are illuminated, why not taxiways?

That is totally off-topic.

It’s not stupid, this actually needs to be done. But what @Mats_Edvin_Aaro said. I believe it’s a duplicate tho

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I know you’re requesting it for landing lights particularly, but as we all like to keep things organised, show your support in the topic linked below. Thank you. :)


I’ll have the @moderators close this.

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