Bright square in the top left of screenshots taken in replay mode

I have seen this bug in not only a number of screenshots posted on the Community, but also in some of my own screenshots. An anomaly in some screenshots taken in replay mode show a bright square in the top left.

I’ve seen this in other topics including, but not limited to, Sunrise+Moon during takeoff in Mexico, Virgin Australia B77W to Macau (5th photo), Daily IF Shot! Pt 5, My virtual airline takes it’s first flight|KTPA-KATL, and Blue to Green! PHNL-KATL.

Infinite Flight version: 22.02
Device: iPad 7th generation
iOS: 15.3


I’ve got the same issue but doesn’t always happen to me…

I’ve encountered this issue as well, but mine was dark instead of light.

Mine has the big box, plus the small headphone and globe icon and all the autopilot boxes burned in in a grey color lol

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Does this consistently happen in replay mode when you take a screenshot? Does anyone have a solid way to reproduce the issue consistently?

We are investigating and hoping to fix this ASAP!

I’ll try and see in a few minutes, if it happens to me. I don’t take screenshots often so I’m curious to know if this happens for everyone.

It doesn’t happen every time. I haven’t been able to reproduce this consistently, let me give it a go.

I’m trying as well! I appreciate your time and please do report back if you find something that triggers it. 🙂

From what I can see so far, it’s most common in the free camera view.

It’s barely visible in these screenshots, but there is a slight discrepancy in the top left:

Another in the free camera view. Dark square top left.

This one was even worse. Taken from the side camera view.

Captain’s camera view

Ignore what I said up top about it only being visible in the free camera view. It appears in most camera views as you can see.

Normal camera view


  • All of the squares appear to be congruent.

  • No particular trigger. Seems to be occurring in most screenshots.

  • Occurring in most camera views.

  • First noticed this bug on 26 March. (22.2 was released on 22 March - possible correlation?)

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Hi Tyler, it just started happening today.

Have you changed anything? What device? Only when selecting the screenshot button or consistent in the replay playback?

The square doesn’t show in the replay, only in the screenshot saved to the camera roll. There’s no square in the actual game.

I’m able to reproduce this as well.
iPhone 12
iOS 15.4.1
v22.2 (1649)

I have managed to replicate this. It seems that this only happens when taking a screenshot at sunset/sunrise

I changed the time setting only.

This started happing to me in 22.2 and only during sunset or sunrise