Briefing Sheet Template (Not really a template)

Hello everybody, today I made something for the IFC that I hope will help you guys a lot, a while ago I made a briefing sheet for my Air Canada flight from CYHZ to CYUL and it was really helpful it included stuff like V speeds, Estimated taxi time for the arrival airport and departure airport and much, much more, I hope this helps you guys and I recommend you to print this google document so you can write all your flight information on this.

Here is the link hope you enjoy. :)

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The link is private :(

Are you able to make it public?

Wow that’s a great idea! Unfortunately it isn’t giving me access to it :(

I will look into it.

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I added a new link so click that.

It works! I will take a look at it now!

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I changed the link, you now have full access.

Change it to view only, otherwise people may edit it publicly.

Ok I didnt know lol

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Yeah sorry I added that lol

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Its all good.

Changed it.

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I haven’t used it yet but it seems very helpful!

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Also, I reviewed it and it is spot on, especially with all the details! It nearly looks like a real briefing sheet! Great job :)

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Feel free to print it and use it any of your flights glad you enjoyed it :)


That’s cool! If you use simbrief to generate a flight plan and gives you a custom OFP every time, if you aren’t into doing it manually.

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Is this Sim Briefe?

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No it’s custom

Thank you soo much. <3

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