Briefing on the best adds


Add: Mcdonnel Douglas (dc10-md11) ; Cockpit for the Planes without cockpit ; remake of the 787 Dreamliner ; smoke from the wheels (Landing) ; flexible planes wings and finally if you add the new future planes like 777X or 737-MAX OR A350, than you are the best. Take alllll of your Time but if you do it, it Will the best game ever. Thank you. :)

Only one feature per post please. :)


@Rotate we need you here


yeah of course i said take your time but start with the easiest things like the wing flex effect :)


I think that’s the most difficult one for sure.


they already talk about wheels smoke right ?


How is this possible?


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exactly like c-17 and a321


Oooh I understand now


There is one that surpasses all those requests a working cockpit end of story.


Only one new item per post please. Multiples such as this which also contain duplicates of existing requests are unnecessary. Please continue discussion at each request currently open topics.