Brief Spotting @ KSEA

Hey guys! I was lucky enough to be able to go to SeaTac on Sunday, however with the airport landing the 34s, I was having trouble finding good spotting locations. I was able to catch a few coming in, but nothing special.

First off, I tried the parking lot of a church which was on a hill. I was able to get some decent shots:

I then moved to Highline High School, where I was able to get one great shot of a Virgin 789, and a mediocre shot of an American E175.

After that, I went up north to try and spot some departures, but it was to no avail. Anyways, thanks for reading! I’ll try to go more in the coming weeks due to not having school.

This is where I would normally put a poll, but the Virgin 789 was the only halfway decent shot.


My KSLC spotting photos which are actually very good will be coming on Thursday!

The 787 looks so beautiful.

You know, I think someone is coming down to SoCal in September…maybe I should take him to LAX…

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Please! So many good planes there!

great pictures! i love KSEA however they are not called SeaTac anymore they are called SEA

Uh, no, SEA is referring to the IATA code for Seattle-Tacoma International Airport. SeaTac is aviation slang for this airport. It is also the name of the nearby town.

Nice photos!

What Camera do you use? Great shots though.

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Uh, I’m not 100% sure but I was using a 18-200mm and 75-300mm Nikon lenses.

@Captain_Merka My favorite spot is the water tower at the north end of the airport. It is right next to the LSG Sky Chefs center, and the glide-slope. Definitely recommend you spot there.


When the 34s are in use, it is very difficult to spot from there. The aircraft are already at easily 500 feet and almost directly above your head. Doesn’t make as good of shots as when the airport is landing the 16s.

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Yes, I agree. There was another spot near the bridge at the south end of the airport that was good for 34’s. It is kind of hidden, but great for planes landing there.

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Hmm, I would be very interested to see that. Where is that at? Could you send a link?

Look on google maps. There is a place called Grahams Trucking on S 188th St. The place is on the corner (T intersection) on 16th Ave. Great place! Actually, correction, It is quite easy to find on Google Maps.

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Oh, I’ve heard 188th and 16th is a good spot.

Oh! Then you probably know what I am talking about. I will post some pics from my recent trip plane spotting there.

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Yeah I see it know. Thanks so much!

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No problem!

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I went with @Captain_Merka. He was using a D3400 with the lenses he mentioned.

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Oh yes! I forgot to mention @ChiefChipMan went with me!