Brief spotting at ISP - 737 MAX, and more!

Hey all!
Today, I saw that WN was sending one of their MAX’s to ISP. They’ve done this a few times before, but it was always late at night. So I said why not, and decided to go spot it! It also landed in the perfect lighting.
In the short amount of time I was at ISP (about 40 minutes in total) I saw a variety of aircraft.
Frontier A319 from MSY (couldn’t get pics)
The star of the show: Southwest 738 MAX from FLL
American E145 from PHL
Southwest 737-700 from TPA
Numerous GA aircraft, got pictures of some
Without further adue, here are the pictures!

Here it comes!

What a beauty!!!

On short final for 33L

At the gate

AA E145 on short final

Unloading time!

@Maxmustang, was that you flying this Caravan?

Some random jet

-700 pulling into the gate

Look at the blue mood lighting inside the MAX!

A bit nosy

At the gate


Already being serviced. Southwest has some really quick turnaround times!

Well, I hope you enjoyed these pictures! Camera used is a Canon Rebel t6i with a 70-300MM lens.

Feel free to follow my aviation account for more cool pictures!


LIMA looks so pretty with those planes:)

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Great pictures! Went Spotting at DAL the other day there was one plane while I was there with a tour around time of under 45 mins! Was that a Grand Caravan EX or just the regular Caravan?

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I like the one with the bright light. Nice pictures


Not sure, but it’s definitelty a caravan.

Rumor has it that their turn around times were less than an hour at times. Not sure how accurate that is but if that’s the case, props to them. As a passenger, I love quick turns.


They still are sometimes. In May of this year, when I was coming back to ISP from FLL the inbound plane was slightly delayed.
When it pulled into the gate, they had all the passengers off within 10 minutes and we started boarding immediately after. We were all boarded within 30 minutes, plane all loaded up, and then about 5-10 minutes after that we pushed back. 50 mins in total!


That is very accurate. I have had a flight where it was like a 55 minute turnaround


Awesome shots! Some are a bit dark, but still, amazing! The MAX 8 is a beautiful plane.

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@RTG113. MaxSez: “Do Good Work”




Yup I was spotting at DAL the other day and it was less than 50 mins around 45 it’s rediclous!

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Great pictures, I really like the 737MAX and that C208.


That SWA 737MAX looks stunning 😍😍

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In the UK and Europe common turn around are around 40 mins. This is for all types of airlines not just budget


That mood lighting looks dope! :)

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Since when do the 737s land on 33L? I thought they almost always use 06/24.


Absolutely love the photos! To bad you couldn’t get the Frontier though.

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Usually they land on 06/24 but if there is a decent NW/SE crosswind (like there was on the day), they will use 33L or 15R

Nice shots! That Southwest 737MAX is too beautiful:-D

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some budget airlines such as Ryanair have confirmed 30 minute turn-around times!