Brief info about you

I have seen quite few posts and interactions between people on IFC and in VA’s, too.

I know people of all ages fly in-game and comment on posts but (as the new guidelines have come into effect Regular Re-Shuffle || New Expectations ) people should be more respectful and kind irregardless of their age, origin or views.

I’m determined to make people have one common thing on this forum - we like it here.

Please comment a brief bit of info about who you are, what you do, why you enjoy it here and something positive about IFC or IF flying.


There is already the profil section for that…


Not everybody will look at people’s profile though.
This gives a means to let everybody just see what people think or a bit of info.

Not everybody will check this thread to see who you are etc… ;)


More people will see and (perhaps) check this thread than click on someone’s profile.

I’m from the Netherlands (as you might be able to tell from my pic) but I currently live in Taipei. In the PST 11 years I’ve also lived in Johannesburg and Frankfurt.
I’ll now be entering my senior year of high school in August :))
Really like IF because it’s such high quality compared to other apps and IF constantly breaks new boundaries and is just overall very impressing!


I watch Anime? But my profile picture isn’t Anime

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Cool! I used to live in Oberursel. I went to FIS until I graduated in 2009

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Hello! My name is George and I’m from Jakarta, Indonesia

I’m currently a Junior High-School student as I’m currently in Grade 8. I’m not so sure with my hobbies though. But I enjoy reading Wikipedia articles. Especially when it’s related to either Singapore or Indonesia Histories.

I like Infinite Flight because of the high graphics of the planes and the terrains. I also find Infinite Flight to be interesting as I found this community 2 years ago and I met new people from here


I’m a Wombat (JK) I live down south of NSW, Australia. Love planes - love infinite flight - really love this community. In flight training in a Foxbat A22. Age range 12-14 (not giving precise age). I fly to NZ a lot. I have family over there :)

I also like drones and Rc planes.


Is #general appropriated for this kind of topics ?

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Nice, buddy. I’ve seen your name around a bit.

I lived in Paraparaumu on the north island in NZ and Kalgoorlie, WA in Oz.

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I think so.
If you’re asking a loaded question, please refrain from doing so. If you have a suggestion as to where it belongs, I’d happily oblige. :)

I believe #general may not be a suitable category for this topic. There’s one category on this forum that might be suitable for this. But you have to be a Trust Level 3 (Regular) in order to access it unfortunately.

I think it’s up to the moderators if this topic can stay open. It’s a nice topic in my humble opinion though


Thanks. I’d like to reach TL3. All of my activity has been above parr and I don’t think anyone has anything bad to say about me :)

My first ambition as to get to Grade 3 and I suceeded. Now it’s to get to TL3.

I’ll see what the mods think about the post. I understand if they want to remove or move it.

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Hi My namn is Carl and iam from sweden iam 14 years old and Love aviaton what i Love the moust of this game is that you have online and its very realistic.

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I think its a good topic to get to know people better.
Anyway, I’m from Bavaria, Germany, Oktoberfest-country, am 21 years old and a student for mechanical engineering with focus on cars ( specifically new engine technology ).
I enjoy the IFC a lot due to the variety of topics, awesome staff and the VA world, which is where my main focus is. Maybe you have heard of AeroSync, which I am currently CEO of.
For me personally theres nothing else simulator wise than Infinite Flight, it gives you a solid bang for the buck compared to desktop sims.
Next to my passion for aviation I am extremely into cars and luckily have a lot of opportunities to work around them.

They say the best mechanics are Germans. What kind of engine technology interests your the most? Combustion or electric?

Don’t worry, You will be able to reach Trust Level 3 soon 😊. Just do these things and you’ll be able to get this TL in several months :

  • Read More Topics and posts made by other community members
  • Contribute more to the existing topics in healthy manner
  • Come to the forums more often (It’s suggested to come here everyday 😊)
  • Help other members on this forum when they have some problems with this forum
  • Give more likes to posts on this forum
  • Always refrain from posting duplicates or using harsh words to avoid flags

I think that’s all what I can help. I hope this advice can be meaningful for you and I wish I can see you again once you are a Regular ❤😊


Not sure if this will stay up but i’ll contribute xD

People call me Yun, my english name is Alwin.

Just a general person with an interest in aviation. Im not one of those enthusiast who is able to tell an aircraft’s make and model or recognises which engine the aircraft is using.

My fascination with aviation is more towards understanding the physics of flight, electrical diagrams, redundancy systems, self-sustaining engines etc. Although i also carry similar interest with most members such as wanting a PPL or becoming and ATC in real life.

Studied Aerospace electronics for my diploma and is now on route to get a degree in aeronautics.

As mentioned by Cpt_FITZGERALD, these are mostly on my profile xD