Brief Communication Poll

I think this is a great Idea, as it will show what the most people want. I think that earlier is better as we have more time to give our input. If the community find something that they don’t like, we can give our input early on. If we would only find out shortly before the release, there wouldn’t be much time to work with our feedback. But at the end of the day, everyone is allowed to give their own opinion.

I am not sure what kind of input the community as a whole can bring to the table in early stages of aircraft development. If there are any issues with the model, the beta testing team will discover it.

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Interesting reply, and of course thoughts of long term users are always welcome.

With regards to development blog posts, we have these [see Q4 update for example]. Furthermore, there are substantial periods where in nothing significant has changed as the projects at the time may be all longer term. WIP shots are therefore the way way to shot these advances rather than a long blog post each time.

In addition to the above note about blog posts, a lot of the work of the team goes into things that will enable more features in the future. These are either significantly complex to communicate, not of significant benefit to any party to communicate, or will leak the coming development of the app that we would rather keep under wrap.

Finally, with regards to Microsoft, the reason they can be so clear and transparent with times is due to this reason: $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$


Really tough choice, if we’re up to me I would say maybe 2 weeks before… I don’t do too well anticipation.

I would’ve said 1 year but then I feel the pain of waiting so long, so 3 months is my go-to. I think it’s easier for y’all as well because you don’t have all the simps who keep asking “when is it going to be released”.

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I thought I should share my thoughts about this issue, being one of the most critical voices on this.

NB - this is a big ramble, and may contain errors, please forgive me

I think the biggest takeaway is that on the whole, the new system of communications is a MASSIVE step up, and is really appreciated. The blog posts surrounding the development process are interesting and, in my opinion, help bridge the gap between the devs and the community members. Following on from my (now shut down) topic about this Let’s discuss the voting system in a friendly and respectful manner!, I feel that things really have come a long way.

Despite this, I would still say that there is room for improvement. My biggest peeve with this community is that there is no place on here that permits criticism of it. Criticism is important, and though I generally only have positive things to say about IF (though if you had have asked me this last February I would have had a VERY different answer), it is often constructive to be able to voice our issues. One of the biggest complaints that I see on here is that about slipping standards on the Expert server, however, nearly all suggestions about this are shut down. As a company, I feel (and this is a personal opinion), that IF should value its consumer feedback very highly, and should work with us community users to come to a solution that pleases the most people. The community has told IF that they are unhappy about this issue, yet, to us, it seems as if nothing is being done about it. Obviously, this is just one example, there are many instances in which IF acts upon customer feedback.

My other suggestion about this new development system, is for us to be given more information concerning the other features that have many votes. For me, a key example of this is Concorde. IF explained that currently, adding Concorde just was not feasible, a perfectly reasonable response which enlightened us about this, and clearly explained IF’s position on this. On the other hand, features such as the addition of taxiway lights have not been addressed at all. Simply a ‘We currently aren’t working on these, but plan to in the near future, and hope to have them implemented by summer 2020…’ etc would suffice.

Overall, I think that this community is so impressive, having been a member of it for over 4 years now, and the app for probably 5-6, and I can confidently say that I think that the community is in a much better place now than it was 10 months ago, thanks to the implementation of the development timeline, blog posts and things such as the feature votes.


I wonder if there’s something new the devs will be working on and they don’t know when to tell us about it🙈

It has been addressed.

You should read through the latest blog post topic ;) Lots of room for criticism. I will certainly express disagreement if I don’t agree with the criticism being offered; usually when it’s based on assumptions that aren’t factual.

Expert server requirements are discussed often internally, however, we won’t communicate anything until we have a plan. Apologies if this hasn’t come fast enough. It’s important to us, and it’s not an easy issue to solve.


Well, I haven’t been here for all of the a350, or any plane for that matters, full development. I can not imagine how excited everyone was when it was announced.

The night before. Surprise me


True, it was interesting to get surprised like it was in the (far) past as well!

Still I personally prefer seeing all the interesting steps taken in development, but a surprise is always great and different opinions are important!

This would be absolutely interesting posts in my opinion and could be combined with some interviews like we had about the new map.

Nonetheless the current blog posts are a great new way of communication too.


For my part, your communication technique has advantages and disadvantages.

The advantage of this is that you make sure that your customers are constantly informed of upcoming news, this transparency we appreciate.

But because of this transparency, the consequence is that: you make the customers dream too much, that is to say: the fact of announcing very quickly a new plane or a new update future several months to see year in advance, firstly, it makes you dream and makes customers want to have this new feature very quickly, and secondly you put (I think) a great pressure to finish and publish a new update sometimes with a lot of defects. And receiving images of the progress of the update each time without having a planned release date, does not help.

In my opinion, I think that an ad a few months before (1-2 months) before the publication will be very good for everyone because it will make you less pressure on a release date and it will surprise your customers of my sudden .

It’s comments like this that should convey to you that communications on issues like this are not clear enough, as I, a community user, was not aware of this.

This is a fine answer, it just would have been nice to know this a while ago. Personally, I am not really fussed about ES requirements - the bigger stress for me is the amount of landings required for Grade 5!


I will be kind and let you know that we aren’t looking to change any of the requirements for Grade 5. Sorry! 😉


I do believe that by givning us information regarding their projects as they do now, for to be able to follow their development progress and other work via Development Threads and Blog-posts is a incredibly good way of communicating with us and letting us know what’s going on behind the scenes and how far they have reached. I feel strongly that the way they give us information today about their progression is great, but I would not mind to see that Development of an Aircraft or work on a feature to have have begun with out us knowing the full story of.

By giving us hints and tasers for 1-4 months, roughly, then revealing on #announcements, what projects are underway, that way I feel like that, at least I, would be more hooked on to what they are up to. Of course I understand fully the opinions of others, and I do see the pros and cons in both my and their ideas, which is why it’s very vital that we are having a discussion here, to be able to communicate share our thoughts.

So as stated above, that’s what I would personally like the most, in what way they should present us with their future projects.

Thank You for Reading, & Good Night from Me,
JR 😴

Can’t disagree at all, have a good night and thanks for taking time to reply!

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One request I have Jason based on reading recent negative comments about upcoming update and some of the staff responses…

Can we please have you guys purge through the feature requests to provide some relief of votes? If something isn’t possible due to X, a staff update to the feature saying that would be great, rather than them sitting there forever and a day.

@jasonrosewell Really appreciate the poll, just another way IF shows they are all about their community.

I’ve enjoyed seeing the developmwnt process from the beginning and hearing when new aircraft are just beginning development. It amazing to see the work that goes in and just build more appreciation for the finished product. Plus there are always updates coming out and exciting things in the pipeline. I wish we could get a sneak peak at the first implementation of CLOUDS ; ) Thanks to IF LLC for all the details you shares with us!

I just feel bad when people keep asking about release dates endlessly… aircraft are ready when their done, they are always worth the wait and patience is a verture.

I’m going to have to ask for a little grace here. As we keep saying with respect to development, it’s a small team. Communication falls on one person: me (of course I have help and input from my colleagues here and there). We did a live stream, which was subsequently summarized in exhaustive detail in a forum thread. To then make an official blog post about the same thing would have been redundant.

My point here is (and has been in the pas with you, Louis) that the information is there if you want to look for it or ask for it. We have dozens if not hundreds of forum members ready to provide info and link to threads for you.

Having said that, I cannot possibly be all things to all people. I take all advice and criticism to heart and it goes into what I do every day to try and make Infinite Flight better. I will endeavor to continue improving how we present information, as always. This is after all, the goal of this topic.

Thanks for your thoughts as always.


Honestly as late as possible cause the anticipation can get annoying.