Brief Communication Poll

Hello, pilots!

As we look to tweak and improve our customer communications, we would like to better understand how our community wants to be presented with development updates. This is a very brief one-question survey that we’d love your vote on.

When it comes to AIRCRAFT development, how far in advance would you like to first be informed about new and reworked aircraft?

  • When development starts (Possibly 1 year or greater)
  • Approximately 6 months in advance of release
  • Approximately 3 months in advance of release (in next update cycle)
  • No preference. You had me at “tweak”

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Please note: This is for internal information purposes only, and is intended to help drive decisions on how information is communicated. Please feel free to discuss, however, staff may not engage in the discussion. Information gathered in this poll may not necessarily be reflected in future communications.

Thanks for your participation!


Thanks for the poll!

I think it would be cool to be informed about features from the very beginning and see how they improve and develop overtime. People just have to realize that they are in a very early state and not be pushy about getting them immediately. I think after it is done for long enough we will get used it.


Glad to see you interacting with us, the community,in so many ways and taking again input via a poll, that’s appreciated!

Probably as early as possible as the development process if very interesting in my opinion!


I would say as early as possible, but not tooo, early, that seems like ages that we would wait!

Thanks for making this!


My preference is to be notified when you let us pick (:


I mean in total it should fit you, the developers, as u need for promotion. Its necessary to have constantly something to look forward, but also not to risk major disappointments if a project has to be canceled mid-work. I think it should be fine to tease new projects after each update one by one as long as the working time on the projects can be kept under 4 months, at least that seems like a healthy cycle to me


Not going to lie, i’d very much like to know when the aircraft is near to done because if we’re told as soon as development starts then its just a really long waiting game.


well theres only rare instances when we pick a feature. Theres a huge amount of other things being worked on, based on the devs decisions (ex. map, instruments and some reworks)

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I would prefer to know as soon as the airplane enters development. That way we have something to look forward to while the aircraft undergoes development.


Really, it doesn’t matter when you tell us. There’s gonna be people who complain about it taking 3 months, anyway.


My preference a year. Don’t care how long it takes if I know what I’m getting and I know what I’m paying for… I really don’t care how long it takes if I know it will come and what I’m getting I’m fine with it. Thank you Jason for this poll.


I do not understand this thinking, I’ve seen it before. I pay a subscription to get Apple Music. I’m not paying because I expect them to ever update Apple Music, I pay them for their current service? It just happens to get yearly updates (quarterly or less for Infinite Flight).


Personally I would prefer to know a few months ie 3 months or something. Why? Because I get excited about the new aircraft/features and if it’s not coming for a year or so then I would prefer to just enjoy what we have more. This is down to my impatience, totally.


theres gonna be people complaining about each of the given options, but the devs want to listen to the majority therefore this thread

agreed. The updates are a extra service provided from the developers, not the regular product u can expect to come just like that.

I would prefer as early as possible so I know what to expect later on

That poll is just another sign of how unique the Infinite Flight community management really is. I’m not kidding, I’m really impressed, it hasn’t always been that way. The switch from the old methods like the tracking threads to this new system was so flawless that it seems to me that it’s always been that way.

And now, you not only give the community a voice in what features they want to have added to the game, you also give them an opportunity to say how they would like to be informed. That’s great community management and you guys deserve credits for that.

Now, to answer the poll: I don’t really have a preference. I love the way it’s been lately. We have a little bit of an outlook if what’s coming but we never know everything so there’s always a little element of surprise, that’s fantastic.

Thank you, take care everybody, good night!


Proof that you guys listen to us more than some may process in mind. I salute you guys for that.

What I would prefer is what you guys may do today, in a way, in terms of development. Whenever an important feature is complete, say a key cockpit instrument or a component of a plane, post something on the timeline and encourage the hype! 👍🏻


I’m gonna have to go with 3 months. That’s a maximum. I love hearing about the updates, but there comes a point where I get excited for something that won’t come for a very long time.

You can see what’s happening with the A350. You announced it early, and now people are becoming impatient because they set false expectations of themselves. Not your fault, but an issue nonetheless.

I’d rather not be anxiously waiting for a year.

Thanks for this great opportunity to express our voices! This is one of the reasons I stick with IF. Keep up the great work!