Brenden_Hirsch’s ATC tracking thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A

My old tracking thread was uneditable so I made a new one.

I want to become an IFATC controller. But want to test my skills before applying.

Frequencies: ground,tower


Server and all the other info??

Open @ KPHX
runways in use:7L,7R,8

I am coming!

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I think u did a nice job,you will be a good controller in the future!
1.When i request departure to the south,you need to sent me frequency change approve before i sent request change the frequency.
2.When i request transition,u gave me 2500ft.It’s right to give me 3500ft-4000ft.
3.When i was on right downwind 26,u gave me clear to land instruction too late,that i called me is on right downwind runway 26.
All in all,your control is excellent!See u next time!

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And i have one mistake,forget to check your NOTAMS,Sorry.

@Steve_Jiang That was my fault forgot the 7’s we’re in use, Since I usually use the 25’s.

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OPEN @ KMIA, will be open for an hour to an hour and a half
Runways 8L,8R,9 in use
Wind 90@9kts

KMIA is closed will hopefully be open tomorrow at 2020-03-19T00:30:00Z

Open a little early @ PHNL
Runways in use: 4L,4R
Wind 180@6kts

PHNL closed. Had to go do something will be open at 2020-03-19T00:30:00Z

Open @ OBMD
Runways in use: 12L,12R
Wind 90@8kts
Will be open for a couple of hours

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