Brenden_Hirsch’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A

I’m an aspiring IFATC controller and I just wanted to practice my skills before I join the team.


Pattern work allowed
Server- Training

(If departing the airspace file flight plan before contacting ATC)


Hello, so here is my feedback after flying just now for you 😁

1.) I noticed that I was told to taxi to 12L and another aircraft to 30L. You as the controller have full say in which runway you use even if an aircraft requests an end of the runway that is not in use, you still can do what you want to do and send them where you want to send them. Now the problem is that since Dubai has 2 parallel runways, I would advise you not to have planes taking off on opposite ends of different parallel runways as I think we can see the problem with that 😂

2.)When I requested a runway change to 12R, you told me that I was cleared for the option and make right traffic for runway 12R. This is correct but you are missing the first step. The step being that whenever an aircraft is inbound, requesting a runway change or you initiated a go around, you MUST always first give them a pattern instruction which could be “enter left downwind for runway 12R” and THEN you will issue the runway 12R clear for the option, after the option make right traffic.

3.) I already hit upon this but while I called inbound for landing, you cleared me to land runway 12L. Now again, this is correct but you are missing the first step which is the pattern entry. So in my case you would say, “enter left downwind for runway 12L” then your next command would be to clear me to land on runway 12L

Other than those 3 pieces of feedback, I would say you are on a great path to success !


@Kryzlot Thanks for the feedback! Right after I cleared you to land I saw the pattern instructions tab and I realized I made that mistake.😂

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Open @ KDFW ,pattern work welcomed

Hi Brenden,

Good effort but several points of improvement:

  1. You gave me a transition altitude of 2500 feet. DFW is at 600 feet. So 600 feet + 1500 feet (which is the pattern altitude) + 1000 feet of vertical separation is 3100 feet, so 3500 feet or above would have done it.
  2. When you cleared me for the option the first time, you did not give me a traffic direction, which you should have to avoid a potential conflict with the TBM. Try always give a traffic direction for all planes coming for touch & goes for the first time or after a runway change to maintain control of where you want the flow of traffic to be. However if you clear a plane for takeoff with a left / right traffic, you do not need to do this on every landing. Only on a runway change
  3. After I had crossed 31L you had given me a direction for left downwind 31L, which could not have happened. Anticipate position and the turning radius before issuing this type of pattern. I believe you have the TBM an equally difficult/strange pattern.
  4. You forgot to clear the TBM twice for landing. He nudged you to remind you by telling you he was on final, but you didn’t catch on :).
  5. You never sequenced me behind the TBM who was on final after my go around

Good luck with your future sessions! - Keep practicing and ask for a trainer if you can.

Open @ kmsp

Open @ KSEA
16 RWYS in use
pattern work Accepted

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