Breezing above California: MX601 San Bernardino-San Francisco

Today’s flight was the return leg, MX601, of Breeze with their E190 from San Bernardino. The flight took approximately 1hs 30mins at FL340.

Since KSBD doesn’t have a departure procedure, I just winged it and made a right hand turn shortly after takeoff to avoid the nearby mountains. After cruising for 30mins, I activated VNAV and did the SURFR4 arrival into KSFO, also using UPEND as my IAF to rwy 19L. Landimg was smooth and surprisingly on centreline. I then taxiied to my gate on Pier D at SFO.

Here are the photos:

Parked at Gate 3 at KSBD:

Taxiing to the end of RWY 06:

Image showing KSBD from above after performing the 180 turn to avoid the mountains:

Cruising at FL340:

Descending into KSFO:

Heading to UPEND to start my final approach:

On final and established on the LOC and GLD Slope:

Landing verdict: Greasy as my arteries (need to stop eating fried stuff and fizzy drinks):

At the gate on Pier D:

I have recorded a video of the flight, so expect to see it in the future (in between older videos from when we had the old UI and the GPS approaches had a glideslope indicator.

Your support is really appreciated for the growth of the channel. I try to upload IF videos twice a week, on Wednesday and Sunday.


By Now my arteries are probably full of Tamaya model paint and extra thin cement. (But I can’t stop model building)

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SBD doesn’t actually use 06 for takeoffs because of the mountains. SBD is an interesting case where 06 is only for landings and 24 is for takeoffs.


Didn’t know about that! I’ll redo the flight in the future with the correct runway use. The video will be uploaded with the current departure (I’ll probably add “incorrect departure” on the title).

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