Breeze virtual?

I know the first breeze plane just came out today but is there a breeze VA it has anybody started working on one?

Hi Airplaneking! I would check the IFVARB website. Looking right now, it doesn’t appear that the VA exists.

Check this page out if you wanna search all active VA’s:

This is the IFVARB main website:

Hope that helps!


I also forgot the tutorial for how to create a VA, should you decide to create Breeze Virtual. Check out this video for more information: IFVARB Application Walkthrough (2020) on Vimeo


Hello, @Airplaneking08!

Though @NightHawk is correct concerning the public status of an alleged “Breeze Virtual,” it is very possible that a VA/VO relating to this airline has been established and is awaiting an IFVARB Admin’s approval. Therefore, it wouldn’t show up on the page linked above.

While I don’t personally know the status, as far as I know, a VA based on Breeze was submitted to the VARB. As with every application, there is a chance that the applying VA/VO won’t be moved to the next stage, so don’t get your hopes up.

Regardless, be sure to keep an eye on the website.

Happy flying!


Yeah I wasnt sure about if someone had submitted and application I know it takes time to start a VA so I’ll give it some time and if one never gets started maybe I’ll start one