Breeze Virtual | Seriously Nice. The Breeze Way. | Official 2024 Thread

Seriously Nice to See You.

Welcome to Breeze Virtual Airways! We’re not just a virtual airline – we started as a simple idea, and now we’re proud to be acknowledged as the best by Infinite Flight users in 2022. It’s been quite a journey, and we invite you to be a part of it. Let’s build something incredible together and make Breeze Virtual Airways the friendliest virtual airline out there. Seriously, your contribution is key to our success!

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  • Airbus A220-300 (BCS3)
  • Embraer 190 (E190)


  • Bradley International
  • Charleston International
  • Louis Armstrong New Orleans
  • Norfolk International
  • Tampa International
  • Provo Airport

The status of these items is according to Breeze Aviation Group, Inc.

Board of Directors

User Position
@Pilot_InfiniteFlight Chief Executive Officer
@Mort Chief Operating Officer
@Jordan_Jacklin Chief Management Officer
@mrAA Chief Pilot

Staff Team

User Position
Vacant Head Trainer
@JMacMcd Trainer
Vacant Trainer
Vacant Trainer
@NonStopsAviation Recruiter
@the_ding Event Manager
Vacant PIREP Manager
@beanboi Graphic Designer
@nathanwesthead2004 Route Manager

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The status of these items is subject to change.

Start your story with us

Here’s where your role becomes pivotal. Breeze Virtual is more than just an idea; it thrives because of its dedicated team. You represent the change that transforms Breeze into what it is – a community that truly breezes through challenges. Below, you’ll discover all the important details about applying to join our team.

Requirements upon Application

  • Must be at least in Grade 3.
  • Must be 13 years old.
  • Must be in good standing with IFC Forum.
  • IFC account should be at least 30 days old.
  • Must have access to Discord

The status of these items is subject to change.

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“Breeze Airways” is owned by Breeze Aviation Group, Inc., and “Infinite Flight” is owned by InfiniteFlight LLC. Breeze Virtual Airways is not affiliated with Breeze Aviation Group, Inc.


This thread was commissioned by Breeze Virtual Airways and designed by @beanboi.


So honored to be staff here for the 3 year in a row!
For the longest while I was training program manager, but due to some recent changes, I have been promoted to CMO and couldn’t be more happy 😁😁


Was wondering when this was gonna update

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Proud to be CEO of this VA! Let’s make 2024 great!


We are very glad to be partners with you guys! Awesome looking thread!


So honored and excited to be your COO!


Amazing looking thread, proud to be a partner of yours

CEO | Condor Virtual Airlines

Let the passion guide you.


Breeze Virtual | Pressroom - January 3th, 2024

NathanWestHead to join Breeze Virtual

Breeze Virtual today announcing @nathanwesthead2004 to join our team as the Route Manager. Nathan will be an integral part of our talented staff, working collaboratively to support our pilots in delivering their best performances.

I chose MXYV because I’ve seen how far they’ve come from being a brand new VA a couple years ago and are ever-growing into the IF community. The team seems very professional and want the very best out of their pilots.



Great thread!


Breeze Virtual | Pressroom - January 4th, 2024

Beanboi to rejoin Breeze Virtual

Breeze Virtual today announcing @beanboi’s return as the Brand Manager. Having been a valuable team member until 2022, beanboi’s comeback marks a pivotal moment for Breeze Virtual as it looks toward the future.

“I’m thrilled to be back with Breeze Virtual Airways, ready to create something amazing.”



Love the new thread!


Hey everyone! Make sure to join us as a pilot, as you won’t regret it!


You know I would apply for this VA, however it’s not to my knowledge that Breeze Airways operates any seriously nice MD-11s;)

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Explain this


Thats so photoshopped but ok 😂

We do not operate the MD11 but we do have codeshares who do.


Nada! Zero comments. Zilch, no comment.

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Happy to be the Chief Pilot for this wonderful VA! Look out for some big changes in 2024! ;) seriously nice


Breeze Virtual | Pressroom - January 12th, 2024

Breeze Virtual announces open rank through the end of January

Today, Breeze Virtual Airways announces that pilots are granted the freedom to explore destinations outside their usual rank until the end of January. This initiative enables Breeze Virtual Airways pilots to discover iconic American landmarks, from the vibrant city life of New Orleans to the warm sands of Tampa, Florida.

Fly your story

This presents an exciting opportunity for pilots to explore the world without the constraints of rank restrictions. They can freely navigate through an extensive network of codeshare routes, expanding to thousands of destinations globally. This initiative is open to all pilots until the conclusion of January 2024. Fly your story with Breeze Virtual.

Notice: This offer is no longer available.

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