Breeze Virtual Presents: The Sun 'n Fun Event

I actually didn’t realize that some airports in Infinite Flight couldn’t be controlled when I made this event. I’m not sure who you would ask either. Maybe the people who are in charge of IFATC

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No worries, I fly from Vero Beach daily so it would be cool to see it become a class delta. I might reach out to the Infinite Flight Devs.

I beg to differ :)

On a serious note, I’ll try and see if I can make this event.

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That’s a great airport choice @Mort

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I love that you knew immediately what airport I chose.

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I know denver very well hehe

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Ill be flying into JAX from LAS! Excited for the event!

I’ve been on an alaskan cruise, Your right. I also go to see ketchikan airport (PAKT)

I’ll be flying LGA-TPA with our luvly codeshare!

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I am on my way to Tampa, Florida!

ur gonna be late lol

It’s between 5hrs so I will make it a little after the event starts.

I have one of the most ugly flight plans ever to fly to all 7 airports in a row lol

I see you on radar! Yes that is one ugly FPL lol! I am Southwest 4245 inbound to TPA from LGA. I just entered North Florida so you should be able to see me.

I’m like the F22. I saw you before you saw me. I just chose not to engage

Halfway done with my Florida expedition flight

eyyy my (during summer) hometown