Breeze (MX600) E190 San Francisco-San Bernardino

This was my first successful flight ln the reworked E190. Good flight, but the landing was horrible, I floated too much, I practise my landings in this aircraft more before flying it again.

Solo flight with standard conditions (no wind, 15°C temperature).

At Gate C10 at San Francisco.

Takeoff from Runway 28L.

Cruising over the skies of California.

Descending into San Bernardino.

Fully configured for landing.


More floating.

Touchdown and reversers.

At the gate in San Bernardino.

These are all the screenshots of my flight. A full flight video will be posted here later today.

Edit: Uploaded the flight to YT.


Great shot here! Yeah me too i have to learn how to land correctly during crosswind with A320/321 !

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nice flight! I like the pics


Cool pictures! It’s a great livery. How long was the flight?

Thanks! The total flight time was of 1:29 minutes.

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Nice! Maybe I’ll do that route next time I’m looking for a quick, easy flight.

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No no, i mean with airplane that i fly!

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Was about to give you a realism police check but then I realized this is a real route!

You should see some of the routes I do lol. MIA to HNL. SLC to CEL. Etc

Glad to see SBD being used! There’s tons of airports that don’t get flown into or out of, cool to see SBD here!

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