Breeze Airways Virtual

Hey! I am looking for an experienced Person who has been a COO in a previous Virtual Airline To Join Me In Starting Breeze Airways Virtual. If Interested Send Me a Private Message ✈️

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For starting a VA, there’s a few steps you need to go through first.

First, check ’s VA database and make sure the VA/VO you are creating isn’t already existent or banned due to copyright reasons. Then, you can start working on your VA. If you check the IFVARB website, it’ll list the requirements you need to start your VA, like an Operations Plan, Experience Statement, Website, and more. After you complete those, you can officially apply! Your application will be reviewed by IFVARB Board Members. During your approval process you may post on the thread below and display your VA and the open staff positions like the other users have.

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Just so you know, Breeze Virtual has already been reserved by @Dylan.Winklosky in the review process, so unfortunately, you won’t be able to create a Breeze Virtual at this time.


@AeroAviation Matt is correct. Breeze is currently being reviewed for VARB approval. I do know that the process is a lot easier with more than one person on the staff team. Feel free to reach out to @Dylan.Winklosky if you would like to help or join their team. Never hurts to ask.


I have spoken with Dylan now. Thanks for your help everyone ✈️👌🏻

Fantastic to hear! Hoping the best in your seek of approval.

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He was looking for a COO so am looking at applying for a breeze of a future 😉😂