Breeze Airways: The New U.S. Airline (60 A220-300s & 30 E-195s)

Pretty sure it’s a rendering.

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So like what’s their model like are they low cost or are they that awkward in between like jetblue

They’re going to make it “affordable” to say the least.

That’s what jet blue said too but like I wouldn’t say that they’re “no frills” . Jetblue is the reason major airlines have such cheap tickets now. If you look at Jetblue’s original philosophy, it was really to change the airline industry. They set the new standard for airline ticket prices.

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Best of luck to Breeze Airways. Excited to see a new airline in the air.

Hoping Breeze Airways comes to MHT!

Breeze is intending to introduce “innovative tech” similar to something as revolutionary as JetBlue introducing LiveTV in 2000.

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Ahh ok I see

Ooh! Sounds cool!

That looks like a good set of destinations, I’d like to see how this plays out though with so many low-cost airlines in the US.

imo breeze sounds better than Moxy haha

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The livery/name has me thinking of a deodorant brand. Especially with the check mark. Maybe it’s just me.


Ugh, if only they could also add Norman Y Mineta San Jose International Airport on that list

It’s definitely not a final list, and I think it may be a bit outdated. Though, I could for sure see Breeze adding SJC. There’s still a few routes that are unserved from SJC such as RDU that could be a fair fit for Breeze.

Hopefully so…the latest airline to come to SJC was California Pacific, which failed miserably months after

Frontier still remain SJC’s newest airline and they started service back in 2017 (I believe)

I would love for SJC to receive a new airline

Breeze will begin flying in the eastern part of the U.S.

Some things hinting at potential destinations:

The carrier will begin scheduled flights on routes between “points east of the Mississippi river and primarily north-south,” Breeze told U.S. regulators in its application for an air carrier’s certificate dated Feb. 7 and released publicly Monday. Destinations will be “secondary leisure markets” that are affordable to budget travelers and have a high number of secondary homes.

The application does specify any cities Breeze that is eyeing for initial flights. A map included in the filing shows major U.S. metropolitan areas that gained or lost airline seats between 2007 and 2017, with many areas in the Great Lakes and Ohio Valley — including Cincinnati (CVG), Cleveland (CLE) and Pittsburgh (PIT) — shown as having lost seats.


The Co-Founder of Azul, Gianfranco Beting, posted a Breeze concept livery on an A220. He actually named the airline and worked on the logo.


And a better E-195 Image:


So now it’s official. Breeze Airways is the fifth airline that David Neeleman launches since the early 90’s when he started with Morris Air. I feel honored to be chosen to create the name, logo and Brand identity, working together with brand guru Amy Curtis-McIntyre. It took us more than 400 designs to finally reach this result. Go Breeze! // Esta imagem retocada digitalmente mostra como será o Embraer 195 da Breeze Airways. Primeiros voos neste próximo verão do hemisfério norte, com um modelo inovador de desenvolvimento de linhas.


So do the E-190s already have the Breeze livery?

Nah, they’re concepts.

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It would be nice to see an airline like this consider flights to Alaska. During the summer, many of the cities double in size with tourists everyday.