Breeze Airways: The New U.S. Airline (60 A220-300s & 30 E-195s)


Breeze Airways is an upcoming new U.S. airline founded by David Neeleman, who launched new airlines such as JetBlue, TAP Portugal, Azul, WestJet, and more.

Breeze Airways was previously known as “Moxy” intending to serve underserved markets in the U.S.

  • The airline will begin with 30 E-195s leased from Azul Airlines.
  • Breeze Airways currently has 60 A220-300s on order which were placed at the 2018 Farnbourough Air Show.
  • The airline’s model will aim at serving unserved city pairs, similar to Allegiant Airlines.
  • Breeze’s A220s will be equipped with new technology innovations that will “improve the flying experience", likely similar to JetBlue’s interiors with high seat pitch.


Breeze Airways hopes to receive their Air Operating Certificate and launch flights before the end of 2020. The airline expects to begin taking deliveries of their A220s by April 2020.

The Co-Founder of Azul, Gianfranco Beting, posted a Breeze concept livery on an A220. He actually named the airline and worked on the logo.


And a better E-195 Image:


So now it’s official. Breeze Airways is the fifth airline that David Neeleman launches since the early 90’s when he started with Morris Air. I feel honored to be chosen to create the name, logo and Brand identity, working together with brand guru Amy Curtis-McIntyre. It took us more than 400 designs to finally reach this result. Go Breeze! // Esta imagem retocada digitalmente mostra como será o Embraer 195 da Breeze Airways. Primeiros voos neste próximo verão do hemisfério norte, com um modelo inovador de desenvolvimento de linhas.

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Video Summary:

Considering this airline is founded by David Neeleman, it should be relatively successful given they’ve been planning this for years and have already placed major aircraft orders. It’ll be exciting to see which cities they launch with their upcoming A220s.


Have they announced any destinations?

That’s interesting. With an order of 60 aircraft, they must really be expecting positive results.

Considering that I’ve never heard of “Moxy” or “Breeze”, I’m not so sure how well they’ll do.

I’ll be standing by though, hope to see this airline succeed!

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Interesting indeed. Not a fan of that livery though, I never liked metallic blue on planes.

Thanks for the great post though!


Supposedly these:

Austin–Bergstrom International Airport
Boston Logan International Airport
Fort Worth Meacham International Airport
Gary/Chicago International Airport
Hartford Bradley Airport
Hollywood Burbank Airport
Lehigh Valley International Airport
Jacksonville International Airport
Long Island’s Islip Airport and Farmingdale/Republic Airport
MidAmerica St. Louis Airport
Milwaukee Mitchell International Airport
Oakland International Airport
Ontario International Airport
Orlando Sanford International Airport
Phoenix–Mesa Gateway Airport
Providence T.F. Green Airport
Scranton International Airport
Seattle-Tacoma Airport
St. Pete–Clearwater International Airport

Additionally Salt Lake City as it’s their headquaters.


Full disclosure: huge JetBlue fan.
Love David Neelman.
This is not gonna work at all.

Scranton and Allentown, but no Philadelphia,

I like that! We could use direct flights to many places like SEA, especially with Prat and Whitney in CT!


Another up-and-coming airline, great to hear! Especially after national bankrupt airline year, 2019. Perhaps that was too harsh, but it sure felt like that.

Anyway… Seems to look like this airline will get somewhere, looking forward when it launches with its operator certificate.

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Something tells me David Neeleman likes the color blue, but that could just be me…

Anyway, hope this works. KISP is my home airport, and Breeze already has shown interest in it. Us local to the airport have been craving for JetBlue to fly there for years so something similar would make a lot of people happy.
Hope there’s enough people flying them though since they’re doing the whole “flying to underserved markets” thing.

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It’s just you. And everyone else on the IFC agrees too.

Not gonna lie, but with “full body” livery, it’s going to be very expensive to maintain. The livery looks cool, but I don’t like something with two shades of one color.

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Looks like Moxy got a rebrand.

I’d really like to hear his thinking on this. Meacham doesn’t even have a terminal.


Super excited to see some more A220s in the US soon! Also that livery is something special.

Super excited for this, I’d really love to see some more A220s here because we really only get them from Delta for a 2 week period in the winter.

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They kind of have a new terminal:

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Definitely super cool! I hope I get a chance to fly it!

Is this just a rendering or is this an actual photo of the planes?

Heard about this a couple of weeks ago from a JBU captain. They are expected to open up point to point routes between smaller towns.

This is exciting! It’s another A220 livery to see too! Good luck to Breeze Airways. Considering it’s founded by the guy who founded JetBlue and Azul and stuff, it should do well.