Breeze Airways E195


So Breeze Airways, if you haven’t heard of it yet is a brand new Airline in the US market focusing of southern and northeastern small secondary airports.

They currently have 2 E190s and 2 E195s and over 60 A220 orders.

So the E195 is going to play a big part of Breeze’s early success and overall has a very nice livery and would be a awesome part into the game when the ERJ update happens or maybe earlier than that…

Photo Credit: Sean Payne

Dont see them necessary because i think that they’ll phase out the e-jets when they get their a220’s.

well at the moment they have 2 in their fleet and are ordering 28 E195’s alongside 14 E190’s so they will most likely not phase them out of their fleet for a long time.


I don’t think the Embraers will be phased out the moment they receive their A220s.

Their pilots will be locked on the Embraers for three years if they choose to fly them, so they should remain in the fleet for a while.

@DeltaFox the picture you have is a concept image. If you’re interested, here’s a recent picture of one of Breeze’s E195s:

(Embraer 190-200lGW is the E195)

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thanks for correcting me

I love this. Very similar to mine (Breeze E190) but I still love it. May use my last vote for this if it seems promising.

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Thank you, still at the moment a bit tough (at least for me) to find those pictures around!

yea I had to clear a vote for this thread which no offense seemed like a better ERJ variant for Breeze since it will be bigger in fleet size.

if something opens up I would definitly like to vote for the E190 @PolandBall_120!

If this gets more attention than mine, I could close mine so people will vote for this due to very similar planes. It would also add a vote for me to use.

I don’t think you need too, good to give attention to the whole fleet ;)

Hmm This livery on a E195 is kinda good!

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Yes it’s a extremely nice livery!

Btw I think it’ll look better if you add red to it!

I voted! Awesome livery and so happy for Neeleman and his 5th act. So happy this topic was made!

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Thank you for voting for this awesome livery!😎

I voted too! :D

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Thanks for helping out the cause!

Just wanted to say that the inaugural flight of Breeze Airways just landed in Charleston from Tampa in an E195. It will then depart of Hartford, Connecticut. Hooray for Breeze!!!

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Thanks for letting me know, so happy they finally started flying!!!

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Hey as the ERJ’s and the new year shows up im just gonna bump this one more time.