Breeze Airways E190

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About Breeze Airways
Breeze Airways is a brand new airlines started by Azul, JetBlue, and WestJet founder David Neeleman, starting flights later this year in the US. Since March 14th, 2021, it has been declared that it will be based out of Salt Lake City, Utah. Destinations are unknown, but will start in mainland USA. It currently has 2 E190s in its fleet, to be leased from Nordic Aviation Capital, 2 E195s, and has 60 orders for Airbus A220-300. It will fly unique routes allowing it to not have to compete with other major airlines. (Source)(Source)

Why I want this
I think this is a fantastic livery, with this plane in particular just coming from painting when the picture was taken. With this new livery, the unique flights of Breeze Airways will be able to be flown with a real life livery. Also, with many people requesting an ERJ rework on the features page with over 1k votes (link is here), this will add a very nice addition to the many other embraer liveries that have been requested. Registration: N90NA

interesting. will vote for this when they start operations

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They should start in Spring 2021 so very soon. Maybe a couple months. Watch out for those blue planes in the sky in the near future.


They haven’t announced any airports or routes yet.

And, I think it might be better to use an image with their complete livery?

Other than that, I’m hoping this livery comes to IF. It’s definitely one of the better new liveries out there.


I found the destinations on Wiki, so that is probably why they might be wrong :/ Also yeah that makes sense XD

Ah yea, I see what you mean. Those have been talked about years ago, but nothing confirmed yet.

Destinations are going to be mainland USA for sure, but not sure what exact ones. But I heard that they are taking different routes, apparently so they don’t have to compete with large airlines, which is pretty cool.

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This topic has my full support. It will be a great livery option for reworking E-Jets.


I honestly don’t see the sense as the E190s are only a temporary solution and will be replaced by the A220

Maybe but the livery is still an amazing livery.

No doubt but I’d rather wait for the A220 as this livery wouldn’t be current for very long

There is another feature request for the A220, (A220-300) so I couldn’t do that. I think both should be in the game (very unlikely but always hope).

But this version would be quite a time waste xD They would bring it into the game and after 2 years or so its gone forever lol

I like the idea of a variety in the Breeze fleet at IF.


I can easily change this to the E195. That might last a bit longer vs the E190 in the Breeze Airways fleet


Thats not the point. The point is that the Embraers are only a temporary solution for the beginning of the operations. But I wouldn’t be opposing it if it comes though, no matter on what aircraft

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I understand that. I just think that like most airlines, more than 1 aircraft would be nice for more diversity, especially on short flights. Just going to end it on that cause I don’t want this to get out of hand because of either you or me.

Update: Breeze Airways flight MXY8001 (E195) just landed at Orlando, FL from Islip, NY after a 2 hour 25 minute flight. Both airports are potential destination airports so they might be crew training, but they also might be ferrying it like they did from Macon, GA to Islip, NY in January. I am not sure, but if you get any information, do not hesitate to send it to me in a PM. It has been officially announced that Breeze Airways will be based out of Salt Lake City on March 14th, 2021.

Brand new article about Breeze Airways that I found pretty interesting. Look into if you like.

Update on Breeze Airways