Breeze Airways Announces Flights From West Palm Beach & Long Island

Breeze Airways To Make Route Announcement on December 6, 11:30 AM EST


Breeze Airways, the start up airline founded by David Neeleman, who also founded other successful airlines, including JetBlue, Azul, and WestJet, has announced… well are going to be announcing an expansion soon.

Now, there’s no 100% confirmation on what specifically they’re actually announcing, but we can infer this is a route announcement. That’s because, their announcement is going to take place in about 17 hours. At that same time, Long Island airport is making an announcement. Most likely meaning that they will be expanding to Long Island. (@RTG113)

The news was shared on Instagram about 20 minutes ago as of writing this. Announcement is it to take place on 2021-12-06T16:30:00Z. I have also linked the tweet that Long Island Airport sent out earlier today.

Hopefully, they will expand all around the country soon, and become another large low-cost airline integrated in the US aviation industry!

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im excited for this one!! Hopefully initial a220 routes are announced.

@RTG113 Long Island Vibes


Can’t wait to see what it is!

Breeze should definitely make the venture to the west coast

Two new destinations, eight new routes.


Man, was really hoping ISP would be A220 transcon routes for next year. Big wishing, I know, and maybe they’ll announce additional routes officially tomorrow, but if it’s just these then ehhhh.

Oh well, I’ll book the inaugural into ISP anyway

Edit: Day before the announcement, shout out to the guys over at Breeze loading ISP and PBI on the website

They said they would announce A220 routes in early 2022. Does ISP have a good amount of catchment from NYC to support transcon flights? Or is it mainly attracting residents more towards the east of JFK?

Yeah, it’s a classic move. Avelo, Allegiant, Frontier, Alaska, etc. Breeze joins in on that “system”. It’ll likely continue to happen, which will be fun.

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It really depends. Traditionally, no. Most people in NYC aren’t going to ISP. Hour train ride then shuttle to the airport isn’t really worth it over any of the NYC airports or flying transcon out of JFK or EWR. I’m sure there’s people from NYC going to ISP here and there for cheap F9 fares, but I doubt it’s much. Maybe it’ll be more now with F9 leaving Newark, though.

Most people using ISP are people from Long Island, (mostly the east end since shorter drive and easier airport compared to any of the NYC ones) but I think if they advertise it right and make the flights cheap, transcon could work and some NYC people may find it worth it. Personally, I do think a transcon can work, it’ll just take a lot of work to make it last

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@Balloonchaser Want to go on the inaugural with me?!

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Happy to see them coming to ISP! Sure, they’re only flying to 2 destinations, but it’s a start. Remember they’re still a new airline building their fleet. I’m happy they chose us with the limited fleet they have. Let’s fill their planes, build their trust in us, and show them we can get more destinations!

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Watch ISP’s livestream, pretty sure I saw David Neeleman. They might reveal some more info.

David Neeleman: “We’ll consider it, it depends on you” (the customers)

If Balloon doesn’t, I will 🙃

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David Neeleman said Arizona could be “an easy A220 flight” out of Islip during the winter.

Not sure if I misheard it, but he said “Scottsdaling”? A reference to Scottsdale/Phoenix?

They would probably choose the Phoenix area anyway.

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1 thing I’ve already noticed is Breeze is marketing ISP as “New York/Islip” and using pictures of NYC. Thought they’d do that, advertising it to out of town folks as a NYC destination. One of the things that I think will help it.


Inaugural booked✅

@Balloonchaser @RTG113 Better see someone there😉


Scottsdale isn’t fit for pax service, they’d have to build a pax terminal. All SDL Does is GA flight training and a whole bunch of private jets.

I could see them fly to AZA though.

Ill show up if someone wants😂😂 I live about 5 minutes from the airport

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