Breakout (A359)

Has anyone noticed this Easter egg in the A359 cabin? They’re playing Breakout


this is news to you? its there on the 757 too


Yeah, I’m sort of new to the game. So everyone knows? Hahahha sorry


ohhh ok lol

you can also find it on stand guidance at select 3d airports 🙃

I know how to get it on the A350, but not the B757! 👀

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take the 757 with a grain of salt since even i cant remember 😂

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You can play it in B757 cabin screen when above FL380 (don’t quite remember the altitude but it’s certain you can play it)

What is the other Easter egg that was teased on the stream as well?

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always learning. you have it on A359 , B757 and in the Parking system screen :)

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It’s common. I use it when I was bored during the flight

Welcome to the community!

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