Breaking the stereotypes

Well, I was taking seriously that idea of “Airbus’ airplanes don’t fit me” but today I gave it a try and now I have an Airbus’ airliner between my favourites planes

Mode: Live
Server: Casual Server
Callsign: Aeroflot 74
Aircraft: Airbus 350-900
Livery: Aerflot
Route: Lisbon Humberto Delgado - Sheremetyevo, Moscow
Time elapsed: 5h37


sorry, but what stereotypes?

Now I’m reading, I think that’s not the adequate title for this topic…🤔

Let me explain you better… I didn’t use to like Airbus even before e give it a try because what my friends say about it… but now I gave it a try, I feeling like I’m liking it… is it a fair explanation for you?😊

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ahh yes :) Thanks!

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Nice Shots!

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Hehehe you’re welcome :D

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I like airbus for they’re landing easy ness and boeing for they’re sleek planes.


I confess that I don’t remember land with such facility in this simulator… it’s way easier!

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That airbus planes don’t fit him