Breaking the Record - How I controlled for 27 hours Non-Stop

This is the story of how I broke the record of the longest time spent controlling non-stop. Enjoy.

27 hrs

Part 1 - Preparation

The first thing I did was pick my weapon(airport) of choice- KISP. Long Island Macarthur has a special place in my heart for many reasons, one of which being that it was the airport that I spent a lot of time training at when I first aspired to become IFATC. It was the perfect airport in that it had some commercial gates(lots of GA) but could not accept large aircraft, i.e I would get traffic to keep me awake but not so much to the point I would be overwhelmed. I also made sure my hotspot was working just in case my internet cut out at any point.

I also made sure to charge a portable charger so I could move around while controlling. From there I went to sleep and got about 11 hours of rest.

Part 2 - Execution

This is where the fun begins.

I got up, did some stuff, and opened. I went and ate a large breakfast to keep me energized.

10:14 AM EDT - I announce opening
10:15 AM EDT - My app finishes loading and the clock officially starts

The first 12 or so hours go by uneventfully. People come and go, I eat lunch, walk around for a bit, control outside and watch some TV.

And then the sun starts going down. I anticipated the night hours would be the biggest challenge- limited traffic and nothing to keep me awake. I figured if I were to watch a movie I could last until 2 AM. From there it was around 3.5 hours till sunrise.

12:00 AM - I rewatch Iron Man. Pretty good movie. CGI looks a little dated now

2:00 AM - Movie ends. The ending is kind of boring but it did the job of keeping me awake while not getting distracted from any aircraft.

5:30 AM - giphy (2)

6:30 AM - More Coffee.

8:30 AM - Breakfast time.

10:15 AM - 24 hours woooooooo! Also apparently IF doesn’t display ATC time after 24 hours.

12:15 PM - Dadada dun, dada da dun dun, da da duun, da da dun dun, duuuun dada duuuun dada dun dun dun dun dun, duuuun, duuuuuuuun… It’s the final countdown! As in it’s the last hour

1:15 PM - Long Island Tower is now closed, good day.

Part 3 - The Aftermath

Did some trainings for aspiring controllers and then slept for an eternity.

Thanks to @MDoor @AviationReports @RTG113 @Aviation3 @lucaviness @Babacar @tomthetank @Will_A @Gliding_Central @Tajay @Yacht @ktaviation @MJP_27 @AndrewWu @Suhas @TheAviationGallery @JulietTango @Saharsh @Ross @MJMN @CR3W @Robert_Mustillo @iiExTReME @VulicityHD @anon28254084 and anyone else(sorry if I didn’t tag you) for coming by and helping me achieve this!

DISCLAIMER: Please please please DO NOT try and stay up for this long doing anything. 27 hours is long enough by itself, but 27 hours concentrating on ATC can become very tedious very quickly. However long you think 27 hours is, double it- that is how much energy you will have to put into this. It is not healthy in any way and could lead to serious side effects.

If you DO want to try this please make sure to stay hydrated, get plenty of sleep the night before, and to not stay in one place for too long. Another good tip for keeping your eyes from getting strained too badly is to look at something over 20 feet away for 20 seconds every 20 minutes(the 20/20/20 rule).


Yes huge tiring achievement Guxk


You are an absolute mad man hats off to you at one point the controlling interface actually said yesterday! Well done!


Congrats! Very nice achievement!

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Yeah I saw you open and thought you had fallen asleep while controlling lol.

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Congrats bro! Thanks for letting me fly some pattern work!

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Congrats. I also came to your airport. No one was there just told you Thank You, Good Day and left. Lol.

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Wow Arya, a huge milestone for you and the ATC community! We always say “quality over quantity” and I had first-hand experience that day that you kept your quality while going above and beyond in quantity! Amazing job!

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Whilst I commend the commitment and execution, I do have to question your priorities in life here 😂


What has quarantine done to you…
27hrs is absolutely ludicrous bruh, mad respect


Great job! Looking forward to beat the record hopefully soon 👀

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Congratulations on your achievement!


Wow Arya what a legend! You know it would be a real shame if I broke your record next IFATC at home.


Meanwhile I can hardly go an hour without my dad yelling my name and my puppy barking.


You’re very welcome! :)

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Haha @United2, I have the same issues 😂 (minus the dog)

@Guxk interesting read, amazing work 👏



You’re a madman! I could never do this since I’ve the attention span of a squirrel. Good job breaking the record for the longest ATC session on the Expert Server!

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You’re welcome for my pushback request 😘

You did great though, congrats on breaking the record

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Smh dude just doesn’t want people to break his record 🤣


Great Job Arya! 👏

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