Breaking the ATC Record | Controlling for Over 28 Hours Nonstop

Breaking and Setting the ATC Record

So when I started controlling at Martin State Airport (KMTN), I just expected it to be a straightforward session, but I went passed an hour, then another, and another, and I realized that I wanted to do 12 hours. When 12 hours came, it truly didn’t feel like enough, so I continued on to attempt to break @Guxk’s record of 27 hours exactly. When it came late at night, time started flying. I controlled a few patterns at around 1 am, and what felt like an hour later, it was 5:30. In the end, the total controlling time was 28 hours and 10 minutes. Felt like it was both more and less at the same time.

Some people I would like to thank are:

  • @Guxk for helping me out a bit with the planning, as well as for creating the tips on his topic
  • @PlaneCrazy who did a ton of patterns, gave me support with his callsign “UR-BORED”, and bribed me to do this by offering me a Gulfstream G650 if I did it
  • @Asher who also did a ton of patterns and engaged in a 1 hour long conversation with me to help keep me up
  • @Captain_Awerty who also did a very large amount of patterns
  • @Stef_Smet, @Abdurobb, @MrJackT14, @XuanyanYe, @Cameron_M, [callsign] 184, INFINITE, and everyone else who stopped by!

Oh by the way, I survived this all by 3 glasses of freezing water (that @Asher thought I was pouring on myself smh lol), 2 donuts, and a bowl of chips and guac. No caffeine, I hate coffee, and don’t like chocolate before noon.


  • 10:53 am EDT: Open at KMTN on Training Server

  • 8:35 pm EDT: @PlaneCrazy says that I am bored

  • 8:44 pm EDT: Decide to open up all night and attempt to control for over 27 hours

  • 9:02 pm EDT: @PlaneCrazy bribes me with that G650

  • 10:00 (ish) pm EDT: I gain approval from my mom to be able to do it

  • 10:01 pm EDT: @PlaneCrazy calls me pathetic

  • 11:00 (ish) pm EDT: I start scrolling through Reddit, then binge some r/ videos, then binge some meme compilations, then binge RoomieOfficial, then watch a few PewDiePie vids, then start listening to the Hotel California Album (Remastered) album by the Eagles

  • 3:44 am EDT: @Asher and I have a conversation during patternwork that lasts until 5:01 am

  • 5:15 (ish) am EDT: I feed my cat who eats the bowl of food in almost one big gulp

  • 5:30 (ish) am EDT: I start feeling fatigued and my response time starts slowing down

  • 9:00 (ish) am EDT: my mom takes me to get 2 donuts, I also disconnect for about 5 minutes

  • 9:16 am EDT: I end the current ATC session and immediately open back up due to the very short disconnection

  • 12:00 (ish) pm EDT: I have a bowl of blue corn chips with some delicious guac

  • 1:54 pm EDT: I surpass @Guxk’s record for longest time controlled

  • 3:03 pm EDT: I close after receiving some lovely patters from an F-22, C-130, and a landing from a 787-8.


Do not do this, please. It is really bad for your health, and just isn’t something meant to do. I started regretting the decision to do it at around 9 am, after about 22 hours, but persevered because I didn’t want it to go to nothing. 28 hours is a really long time. I mean a really long time. And it feels longer as you go on.

If you do do this, I suggest reading through and listening to all of the points in the previous record for longest time controlled. They will really help you out a lot.


Well done! It’s impressive how you did this on the Training Server too as we all know pilots there isn’t the best. @Guxk right now must be sad, though.

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I was only bashing my head on my desk for a few hours

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Thats a rip



jk, nice stuff


I was just thinking about if I can break this record, but thatll be a tuff task

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I do not recommend it, however I just had the best sleep I’ve had in a long time. Even though it only lasted 45 minutes, I felt like I was asleep for 12-13 hours 🤯

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Great stuff! 💪

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Thank you very much

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Congratulations man! This is a very hard achievement, great job! 🥳💪

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Keep in mind this was only if you did it for a full week😂 At that point, I think you would be considered mentally insane and wouldn’t be able to get a license to fly it.

Nice job man, this is quite the accomplishment. Now get some sleep tonight!


Remarkable stuff, now please no one try to break it.


I accept the challenge

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jk never could do it

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Two reasonings behind this,

  1. It is terrible for your health
  2. I want to hold the record for a long while 😂
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you were great atc there, i landed there before in united 1112

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I have the attention span of a newborn, 90 minutes is hard enough for me. Nonetheless, congratulations for breaking and infinite Flight record

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Us all waiting until @Tyler_Shelton makes a comment 👀


Go. To. Sleep. NOW. Please.

Do It!

Huge congrats to you for breaking a long-standing record. Well done!

And now, I present to you, the golden ATC trophy!


Ah, thanks for stopping by! Hope you enjoyed your flight behind the American from LGA!

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