BREAKING NEWS: Mooney furloughs its employees and closes doors

Two weeks before Thanksgiving, Kerrville, Texas-based Mooney Aircraft has reportedly shut down and released its entire staff, the Kerrville Daily Times is reporting. The Times reported and we can confirm that Mooney’s voicemail system states that “At this time, all Mooney employees have been furloughed and therefore we cannot take your call.” At AirVenture 2018, it said that after it intended to build 20 aircraft that year it would ramp up toward 40 in 2019 and maintaining 50 aircraft a year starting in 2020. Mooney’s workers were furloughed in 2017, four years after restarting production under new owners Soaring America Aircraft. Mooney had not been producing new aircraft for nearly five years before that. The last Acclaim Ultras to roll out the door were valued at nearly $850,000 each.

Mooney is known for its Mooney M20 aircraft.


Well that’s a bummer…

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Oh crap!!!

I’ve heard about this aircraft

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MaxSez: No major loss! born in the 20’s it was bought out by the PRC a few years ago. It was a loss leader in recent years. The job loss will impact across the industry and currant owners lost their warranty and parts prices will skyrocket,
(I worked in a machine shop crafting Mooney Control Wheels as a finisher when I was 14, 64 years ago when Mooney was considered an innovator and a rich man’s sportier)
Just Sayin, Max


Mooney for you. Really sucks. Frankly with Cessna, Cirrus, etc Mooney has basically gotten smothered to death.


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