Breaking news: Delta cancels contracts with Compass and GoJets Update 08062019 2334Z

Yup I heard about it from a delta focused blog from a Delta dispatcher a couple years ago. Delta thinks they could save money overall by keeping everything in house than contracting the regional carriers to carry passengers. Especially as their fleet becomes more efficient.

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Two close friends at Compass already applied to other regionals four months ago in fear of this happening and possibility of getting furloughed.

Further proof… you never know what will happen in aviation.

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That’s extremely true. Going inhouse about 90% of the time is cheaper

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My buddy who works there said he’s extremely happy he got his degree before this all came to light. Not sure if he’s going to the mainlines or getting out

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Getting furloughed with an ATP license is easy to recover from. Especially with the increasing pilot shortage. They should find jobs at either other regionals or mainline quickly.

Wow, can’t believe that this is actually happening! Let’s see how this will work out for them in 2023.

That’s a tough call honestly. This is the best time to stay in aviation per say. But making a switch to another regional will be a pay cut to a certain degree. Possibly now throw commuting into the mix.

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Depends. Both my friends were making mid 80s/yr. One is a second year captain and the other 3rd year fo who picks a lot of trips are 150%.

It’s going to hard to find a regional airline to pay that kinda money and just think about the seniority they built to get a decent schedule.

Yeah, they can find job at another regional. Sure. 3 months of training. Commuting now to a different base till you get a line and again let’s not forget the pay they will be giving up.

Not sure where you guys are getting the idea of people moving to the mainline quickly. Check on APC and Jetcareer forums and see how many people are not getting any calls from majors even with a lot of flight time. I know a handful of Capts at envoy, skywest and Psa who has mid 5 to upper 6k total time and even spirit or frontier hasn’t called them.

Swa has opened their app window and in just one week they got over 3k apps of which they will pick 20-30 people per month for the next 4 months. The level of competition is extremely high to get with any mainline carrier.

Getting into mainline is hard. The ones I know that made it… Have post grad degrees, mid 6k and up Total time, 6 or more internal recommendation letters, do community service and are networking their rear off.

I don’t buy the flow of 4-5 years. Real number are more like 7-8. Recruiters are feeding new hires wrong and skewed numbers Sure can that change ?? Absolutely. But it sure hasn’t happened yet.


Agree, that’s a really hard call. And he just recently made Captain

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Interesting, I’m not sure why Delta don’t simply operate their own domestic flights fully. No need for such a large airline to outsource, surely. Plus with all the A220’s joining the fleet it makes perfect sense to utilise these to ensure commonality and consistency with the delta operated flights.

Then what would be the ideal way to go just after you get all of your licenses and such? Would it be good to go for a big regional airline, a smaller regional airline, or what would be a good option for fair pay and fair hours right out of training?

How far are you from getting 1500hrs?

135 = Best kind of life

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Glad to hear that Delta will stick with Skywest for a while!

Tell that to AA, largest fleet in the world I think and still, have Envoy doing stuff for them. It’s pretty common in the US.

For now - Once they see how much Delta is saving I think we’ll see other major airlines start doing that

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So many factors mate. The regionals are the work horses for mainline companies. Mainline won’t be able to do it as effectively with low cost like the regionals for it.

Also keep in mind where all the regional planes fly to. Some taxiways /runways won’t be able to handle size and weight of mainline planes over x pounds. Planes will literally sink into the tarmac. And not to mention how much pilots they will need to hire and pay to make such trips happen. I am all for it, but sadly doubt it will happen.


Shhhhh… I like to keep the competition down. Lol.

Funnily, the last couple of weeks I was playing with the idea of coming back to the 121 side of things. Then this happens.

While I will be Bahamas for 2 days. Gunnison for 3 days and San Diego for 1 and Vancouver for 3. Life is hard. 😂

Oh Shut up Lol. We’re hurting badly for fixed wing guys on our side - Our issue is oversea/ away from home work but pay is good

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Interesting, I just find it odd really as it’s certainly not normal per say in Europe. One would have thought that in the long term it would be more cost effective to not outsource.

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