Breaking News, All United domestic flights starting to resume

Earlier: Breaking news, all United domestic flights have been grounded due to computer outage The sources said the flights were grounded due to a problem with the communication system that airplanes use to send information to United operations. Aircraft Communications Addressing and Reporting System, or ACARS, is used to record and transmit a range of information, including departure times, as well as weight and balance, which is used to calculate takeoff speeds.
The system outage was an issue for planes that had yet to depart, as pilots need this information to safely take off. Planes already in the air were in no danger, the sources said. The issue did not affect communications between planes and air traffic control- CNN
Update: United have slowy started resuming flights and are trying to get passengers to thier final destination the airline tweeted:
Will update the thread when more info comes to hand


Passengers will be going mental


That’s what United gets for charging you to use overhead bins.


Can’t imagine the passengers’ frustration…

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These are becoming shockingly frequent. I don’t think this is any coincidence, something shifty might be going on.

Really? Wow, that’s bad!

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