Breaking My Own Record Longest Non-Stop Flight

Last week I have completed longest flight from Auckland NZAA to Paris LFPG in 22 hours if you don’t see this one yet check it out here:

But now…

My new record of longest flight of all time flew by @LeonardIF18 (Captain Jimmy L) no one have never done this before with 23:40 hours flight from Honolulu PHNL all the way to Johannesburg FAOR flying nearly 20,000km without stopping. With a headwind entire flight it taking longer than I expected.

Date of flying: Takeoff at 2019-12-20T19:30:00Z
Landed: 2019-12-23T19:10:00Z Estimated.

Thanks to @Recxx Ground, Tower at PHNL | @Matt93 Ground, Tower at FAOR | @vansh_purohit Approach at FAOR for being amazing ATC and partner of this flight

Flight Details:
Pilot: @LeonardIF18 (Captain Jimmy L)
Route: Honolulu PHNL - Johannesburg FAOR
Flight time: 23:40 Hours
Airline/Aircraft: Airbus A350 Carbon Livery
Distance traveled: 19,900km Estimated.
Sever: Training Sever
Callsign: Airbus 859
Cruise Attitude: Step climb FL360, FL380, FL400, FL420
Payload: 100% Fuel 37 Passengers 0kg Cargo
Fuel Remaining: 3,825kg 3%


Do I a record holder for longest flight without stopping and refueling? Do you flew longer than me? Well you let me know?

Thanks you



Nice flight and shots!

There is already a topic for this 🙃, I don’t exactly know why your asking this question here when you’ve already posted in there.

Yeah I already comment on that topic

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This is some of my screenshots is purpose for this topic :)

Ok. You’re sounding like you’re trying to make a competition or a wiki for this here though :/. The title signs towards it too. Maybe ‘I broke my personal record’ or ‘my longest non stop flight yet’

‘Break my record’ is a bit of a competitive way you’ve worded it.


No, it’s just a question.

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I dear you to fly longer than me non-stop!

This is one of the farthest cities from each other on earth with 100,000+ population 19,000km+

You’re not helping your case 😬


Slight issue here

Now thats ultra-ultra long haul. My longest is KJFK-YSSY.

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It nothing wrong it my callsign in IF I know what you mean