BREAKING: Latam Group Retires ALL A350s



Retiring A350s

A350s : sad A350 noise


Literally nobody:

Latam: yes yes let’s retire a plane which isn’t even 10 years old but don’t retire the 767 which are over (probably) 20 years of age. Yes that makes so much sense.

Yeah that sums it up…in a nutshell 🌰

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Sad news. I spotted the TAM and LATAM livery at Paris CDG it was always nice to see them

This may seem logical (even if I can not find this) LATAM has a large Boeing Fleet 767/777/787. The 350 was the only one Airbus on the fleet.

They never really adhered to the 350. They wanted to rent to Qatar Airways and Delta.
Actually the fleet average age, consumption… it’s not really good

And the LATAM A350 in IF will now hold one of the quickest times to become unrealistic.

The quickest time went to the WOW Air A330 if you are curious.

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Absolutely. Unlike Qatar and Delta who liked the A350 a lot, they were leased, not bought. That means TAM has to return them, not sell them. Leasing also costs a lot…

At least on the widebody fleet. Its narrow body fleet consists of all A320 family.

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Well, the 767 has a significantly lower payload capacity, so if the A350 is too large for current operations the efficiency advantage is pretty much lost by simply taking the newer aircraft.

Well At least we have it in Infinite Flight sad to see it go :(

Since I love the 767 and 777 this is a W, but still super surprised to see a permanent retirement. I guess since they have are small in the fleet (like Delta’s 777’s)

I assume that they cost too much in terms of pilot training and maintenance since most of their long-haul fleet consists of Boeing’s.

Hopefully the A350’s go to Delta though. A waste to let them go to the scrap, although I doubt that will happen anytime soon.

Antonov casually sneaks past


That was the reason for the pic but we can use it for other reasons as well lol

Yes I meant wide body !

Well this is interesting
I wonder what is going to happen to the A350’s. Im assuming that they are going to sell them off to another airline so they can make more profit.
If they went into that much debt then it kind of makes sense why they opted to retire their A350 fleet. Its brand new…

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Reminds me of how Delta retired all their newly remodeled 777’s

We’ll time to delete all my Latakia A350 flight replays…

Good bye.

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