BREAKING: Latam Group Retires ALL A350s

For legal reasons, this is a joke


What are you talking about

It’s. A. Joke.

Very sad to see these go. Ive alway loved both the TAM and LATAM liveries on this amazing aircraft

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About this

Oh… Okay. But it’s still not a good one

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Not surprising to see wide-body aircraft retiring. COVID causality.

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Yes, but it is a state-of-the-art A350…
Much more efficient than the 767
I wonder why he didn’t retire those


probably still efficient for the airline.


Apparently they’re converting many of them into freighters

I get what you mean, I guess the 767 can fill up their current passenger demand and cargo which make it efficient to operate

They’re converting some to freighters.

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Maybe they will get sent to DL, I think they already did that before as well.


Retiring new A359s, airline CEO is for me, stupid

I’d expect they were using for long range flights and probably didn’t need them anymore, but could be wrong

That’s what I think too

the 767s in their fleet is only around 8-9 years old

I mean, don’t go crying for A350s when you wanna start flights that exceed the range of the 787 post Covid

It’s proof that planes these days just aren’t made to last.

I don’t care for the reason they’re retiring them, because they could’ve easily retried other planes instead, but they chose to get rid of the A350.

If I had to choose, I would choose to keep the A350 but not the 787

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Probably just to get them off their balance sheet since they are quite debt ridden. One guess.