BREAKING: JetBlue Secures Spots At Heathrow AND Gatwick

Still, new market. Basic airline economics.

Of course it will be a fight but “it’s basic airline economics” that routes gain traction after 2 years. Most of the time it won’t be profitable for the first bit.

Southwest routes to Miami were a disaster for the first few months, that’s no secret

They’re not “giving up” its just a little more competition. Remember, this is just a few daily flights. With the narrow-body aircraft, I’m sure that IAG is not overly concerned about JetBlue doing a few routes compared to their vast amount of routes.

Yes but they’ll pick up eventually

It’s also known that an airline trying to scope into a market that is already saturated is more or less likely to fail. Nothing against JetBlue trying this however, it’ll be severely interesting to find out what happens!

Here’s another one: WestJet did Toronto to London and it worked. That route is also very competitive with Air Transat, Air Canada, and BA flying i

WestJet and JetBlue have very similar business models (except WestJet uses widebodies)

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That’s Gatwick not heathrow. Gatwick isn’t know for long hauls apart from for leisure reasons.

I am nearly certain JetBlue will be a player in the Atlantic market. You may not see it now, but you will when they open multiple routes across the Atlantic and most likely be profitable. Worse case for them , they stop. They’ll just go back to striving on their alma matter, domestic.

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I removed Gatwick, there’s also Air Canada and BA flying that route.

It’ll be certainly interesting what happens and I for one will try the new routes to see how it compares to legacy TATL carriers. It’ll be a player but will it be major? Time will tell.

Same here, they are providing a new kind of market and they have the tools to pull it off, just like WestJet did

There’s a huge difference between Heathrow and Gatwick so no matter what is going on at Heathrow Gatwick won’t be affected.

Im not sure that JetBlue really wants to be a major player in this market, at least for now. I think they want to serve a smaller market of passengers to see how it goes and they’ll just from there.

Probably yeah that’s a good idea for them and it may be sustainable for a long time!


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